Teammates Try to Match Henry's Epic Push-Ups

Ryan Tannehill mimics one of the Tennessee Titans running back's workout videos, inspires others to do the same.

Derrick Henry has always inspired admiration from his teammates for his on-field dominance on a near-weekly basis.

Now, they’re all trying to one-up the Tennessee Titans’ herculean-like running back in another area at which he excels -- the weight room.

Thursday, Ryan Tannehill tried to display the same profound athletic ability.

The quarterback, who is in his third year with the team, posted a video himself mimicking one of Henry’s recent training sessions in which he performed a version of push-ups that many could not imagine. Tannehill had a black bench press rack and green ball similar to those in a recent Henry workout video.

He did not, however, have the same heavy-duty chain around his neck that added to the challenge for Henry. Instead, Tannehill's wife, Lauren, placed what appeared to be a purse with a gold chain around his neck after two reps.

Henry, who became the NFL’s eighth member of the 2,000-yard club last season, stole the social media spotlight when the push-ups were included as part of his recent offseason training highlights.

The 6-foot-3, 248-pounder performed eight reps on a workout band, attached to a bench-press rack, with a heavy steel chain dangling from his neck and his feet balancing on green workout ball. 

Tannehill, who struggled a little more than his backfield partner, mustered five push-ups in all, roaring “let’s gooooo!” at the end of the video before walking off the set.

His effort has inspired at least one other Titans to attempt Henry’s routine. A.J. Brown, who has no shortage of athletic ability or physical strength, claims he is next in line.

“I got next,” the 6-foot-0, 227-pound Brown wrote.