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Tennessee Titans Offensive Player Grades & Takeaways From Week 8 Win Over Atlanta Falcons

The Tennessee Titans offense got a tremendous performance from rookie quarterback Will Levis and DeAndre Hopkins in their Week 8 win over the Atlanta Falcons, so it is no surprise those two players top the list of offensive grades.

The Tennessee Titans' win over the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday was led by Will Levis and DeAndre Hopkins. The dynamic duo put up 21 points together on three scoring connections and energized the entire stadium.

Levis and Hopkins also led the way when it comes to the offensive grades in Week 8 from Pro Football Focus. Let's take a look at the top five overall and the standout grades on offense.

Top Five Overall

WR DeAndre Hopkins - 80.6 Overall Grade

QB Will Levis - 77.9 Overall Grade

RB Derrick Henry - 75.2 Overall Grade

WR Chris Moore - 74.5 Overall Grade

RG Daniel Brunskill  - 71.3 Overall Grade

Levis and Hopkins cannot receive enough praise for their performance. The Titans' entire season seemed to be hanging by a thread and when they needed it most the new pairing came through.

Derrick Henry also came to play, putting up 101 yards on 22 carries. All of the Titans' stars on offense showed up with Levis at the helm and they will need that to continue going forward if they want a realistic shot at the playoffs.

Standout Grades

LT Andre Dillard  - 63.6 Pass Blocking Grade

LG Peter Skoronski - 76.3 Pass Blocking Grade

C Aaron Brewer - 77.9 Pass Blocking Grade

RG Daniel Brunskill - 87.2 Pass Blocking Grade

RT Nicholas Petit-Frere - 61.9 Pass Blocking Grade

RT Chris Hubbard - 44.4 Pass Blocking Grade

The Titans offensive line wasn't attributed with any sacks per PFF. They allowed two, but one was a botched play and the other Levis took a sack on purpose to run clock. A pretty good performance for a struggling group.

Particularly good game from the interior three, but the tackle spot will get the attention. None of the Titans three tackles were excellent, but Dillard appeared to have the best day, which is a surprise considering he was benched in Week 6.

QB Malik Willis - 50.0

Willis played two snaps and was involved in a fumble on his first play. He was then booed while coming onto the field for his second snap. All while watching Will Levis take his dream away from him. To add salt in the wound, the lowest grade of any offensive player on Sunday.

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