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VIDEO: Here's What Titans Coach Mike Vrabel Said After Wednesday's Minicamp Practice

Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel met with the media on Wednesday after the Titans' second practice during their mandatory minicamp period. Here is the complete video of his press conference, plus the full written transcript to read. He talked about DeAndre Hopkins, the progress being made in workouts and the growth of younger players.
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NASHVILLE — Tennessee Titans coach Mike Vrabel met with the media on Wednesday after the Titans' second practice during their mandatory minicamp period. 

He had lots to talk about, including the pending visit by free agent wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins on Sunday, how best to bring rookies along and getting everyone on the same page with communication. He's been pleased with the workouts so far this week.

Here's the complete transcript from Vrabel's post-practice interview: 

— On reports of DeAndre Hopkins' visit:

"The first thing is we want players that want to be here, and then we'll work through anything else. We've brought in a bunch of different players, and DeAndre will be somebody we bring in next week or early next and go through the same visit that we go through with everybody and then we'll start the process.'' 

— on the recruiting portion of the visit:

"I'm past the recruiting. I did that in college. Again, we really just want people that want to be here and if that works out, then you go on to the next step. This will be pretty much it (talking about it) until we sign or don't sign the next player.''

— (Another question about Hopkins, interrupted)

"If that's what you're going to ask your question about today, Paul (Kuharsky), I'm going to give you another opportunity, but I'm going to talk about the players that are here. When DeAndre is here, I'll visit with him and we'll move on when we make any decision from there.''

— On wide receiver Treylon Burks being more confident

''I think just what it is is the maturation process, it's everything in his life lining up, just personally and professionally and physically. Being able to get some footing and getting healthy. He was making some strides and then unfortunately had a couple of injuries last year. When he was able to be out there, he was effective and was able to improve, but then I think the offseason has set him up well for where we are at now.'' 

— on new players learning the playbook

"You don't want to overload some of these younger players where there's some frustration that sets in. There's a real fine line between that, and that's our job, trying to figure out how much is too much and then pull back. We always try to explain to them that there's going to a learning curve with anything we put in. We ask them to work through that and then we pull back when we need to pull back. It would be the same for Tyjae (Spears) or Colton (Dowell) or any of the new defensive backs who are trying to learn a new position.''

— on red zone work Wednesday

"I thought it was good. It was competitive. Again, we're trying to make sure we stay up and take care of each other. When you're talking about the red zone, everything is a little quicker, happens a little faster, the windows are tighter in coverage. So there's a fine line in competing and making sure in the spring we defer to the offensive player so that we're not putting anybody at any sort of risk and that we are following the rules.''

— on Harold Landry in the meeting rooms

"(Progress) has been good. He looks really good and he's engaged in the meetings. It's good to go in there and see Arden and Harold in the meetings with coach (Ryan) Crow and all the young players. It's a really good mix and a really good blend.''

— on Will Levis' touch 

"I think that accuracy is critical, and decision-making from the quarterback position. So when you see the teaching that can go on with the red zone and how quickly you have to make a decision.

— on touch part of accuracy

"I'm sure you're referencing the 50-yard go ball where we're trying to get guys up to 90 percent speed. You guys sit here and I try to follow each and every one of you and what we do, but there were probably six or seven penalties yesterday and you are were hooting and hollering abut the defense and you guys were all congratulating the defense yesterday.

"There were about six or seven defensive pass interference penalties, so when you're referencing our ability to try to get players to try to get players up to 90 percent, I don't know if that's an accurate description. Accuracy is very very critical and we have to be able to move the ball down the field. I feel like that was something Treylon was doing well and Jake (Copeland) was able to do that. There is a timing element to them, making sure that the ball is in a place where the receivers can make a play.”

— on Burks complimenting Colton Dowell's intelligence

"Who did? Treylon is going to compliment other guys on learning, huh? Trey set a low bar. (Dowell) made a great impact on our local pro day, and was very coachable. When we made corrections through the workout, he took to them. We asked him to catch some punts, and he said he had never done it. We said, just try it, that we wanted to see and evaluate everybody here. He tried to do that, tried learn from that experience. When we met with him, he was able to process the information with (wide receivers coach) Rob (Moore) in Zoom and we felt good about who he was. He's continued to get better and show up. He's a good-sized player and I think there's a lot for him to still learn and improve on.''

Dallas running back Malik Davis (34) is tackled by Tennessee Titans linebacker Monty Rice (56) in a game last December. (Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)

Dallas running back Malik Davis (34) is tackled by Tennessee Titans linebacker Monty Rice (56) in a game last December. (Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports)

— on opportunities for Monty Rice to get better 

"We all have great opportunities each and every day we come to work and have the opportunity to prove the right to be here and to provide value to the football  team. Monty is working hard and he's in shape. It's good to see him running around and communicating more, talking things through and hitting the right places. That's what I see from Monty. When you're an inside linebacker, unless you're matched up in coverage, I think the spring is a tough time to see. When we get in there when he can be physical and play fast and be around the football and hopefully knock it loose and show his skill set. And then be the same impact with the special teams players and taking a lot of the punt teams and taking a lot of pride in that. He was one of our best hold-up guys and we've used him as an example of how you just build confidence on special teams and stringing good days together, which he's done.''

— on linebacker Azeez Al-Shaair adding to the defense

"I just like his personality. The play will speak for itself. I love his maturity. He's kind of got things figured out. I like sitting there and having breakfast with him, having coffee and just talking. He's been great.”

— on communication

''For the most part, the communication in the huddle seems to be pretty good for where we are at at this point in time. We're not having too many calls repeated or have to do it again or guys lining up in different spots. Each day we put new stuff in, and I think it's been  good.”

— on defensive back Amani Hooker's leadership

"He's continued to develop and he's played well and contributed. He's played a bunch of different spots for us, down around the line of scrimmage and in the back.

"When he's been out there, he's helped us. There's been a couple of injuries he's had to work through but he's always tried to work through them as quickly as possible. I love his communication, and him and Kevin (Byard) back there give you a lot of comfort.''

Watch Mike Vrabel's press conference here