How to Watch Kirk Cousins, Dalvin Cook, and the Vikings in the Pro Bowl

Will Ragatz

Eight Vikings players are set to take part in the 2020 Pro Bowl in Orlando on Sunday. While they'd all undoubtedly much rather be preparing to play in the Super Bowl next week, the Pro Bowl is still a fun experience for them and their families.

That's especially true for first-time Pro Bowlers Eric Kendricks, Dalvin Cook, and CJ Ham.

"It really is a dream come true," Ham told's Lindsey Young. "Grew up watching the Pro Bowl, guys in Hawaii getting after it, being the best in the NFL. I'm truly honored to be here."

"It's extremely surreal," Ham added. "The first night, we were all sitting together in a meeting, and it really hit me that I was a part of this elite group," Ham added. "I'm super honored and blessed to be here. It really does mean a lot, all the fan support that I've gotten all season."

Along with the three first-timers, the Vikings have plenty of Pro Bowl veterans. Harrison Smith (fifth appearance), Everson Griffen (fourth) and Xavier Rhodes (third) have all been selected to the game several times. Kirk Cousins and Danielle Hunter are each making their second appearance.

Rhodes told Young that he has enjoyed watching the first-timers take in the experience.

"I am happy for those guys. Oh, man. EK is stoked, Dalvin can't stop smiling and running around. C.J. doesn't know where to go," Rhodes laughed on Wednesday. "I'm just happy to see those guys. I feel like when I first came, that's how I was. But it's just [great] to see those guys come here and just enjoy the camaraderie and enjoy this experience."

All eight have gotten to mingle with some of the best players in the NFL during the week's practices, sign autographs for Vikings fans, and enjoy time with their families in sunny Florida.

A few of the players participated in Wednesday's Pro Bowl Skill Challenge. Cousins participated in several events, posting the second-highest score of any player in the precision passing event (Russell Wilson beat his score by one point).

Now, all that's left is the game itself. While defense is typically optional in the Pro Bowl, it can still produce plenty of fun highlights.

To watch the game, tune in to ESPN or at 2 p.m. central time on Sunday.