Latest Updates on Potential Minicamp and Reopening Facilities For NFL, Vikings

When will the NFL return? Here's the latest.

With June around the corner, we still don't know what will happen next – or when – in the NFL offseason schedule. The coronavirus pandemic has created a world of uncertainty around things like minicamps and OTAs, and there aren't yet any concrete plans for those things happening. Meanwhile, some NFL teams are beginning to reopen their facilities, but others remain closed.

OTAs would've been happening right about now, in late May, but those have been cancelled. Next up and in question are minicamps that would typically take place next month.

A report from Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports on Tuesday indicated that coaches could begin returning to facilities next week, with minicamps potentially following in late June. However, Browns offensive lineman J.C. Tretter, the president of the NFL Players Association, made it clear that nothing is set in stone yet.

"Players: our union has not agreed to any reopening plan," Tretter tweeted. "Any reports about coming back to work are hypothetical. You will hear from the NFLPA when there are new developments."

As for the Vikings, they are not among the teams reopening their facilities at this time. They met the criteria for the first phase of reopening, but elected not to do so, according to a story from Mark Craig of the Star Tribune last week.

“At this time, front office staff will continue to work remotely while we further evaluate when to begin reintroducing employees to the facility in the near future," said Jeff Anderson, Vikings VP of Strategic and Corporate Communications. "As we have throughout this situation, we will follow any future guidelines set by Governor Walz and state and local public health officials and adhere to the policies directed by the NFL.”

According to Craig, the Vikings have set no timetable for having front office personnel return to the facility. They have formed both a COVID-19 committee and an Incident Management committee to discuss safety matters and much more.

For subscribers to The Athletic, this story on how Minnesota's pro sports teams are working together and communicating amongst each other is an informative read.

Thursday update: The NFL has extended its virtual offseason by two weeks. Here is the memo commissioner Roger Goodell sent to teams on Thursday.

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