Vikings' 2020 Win Total Set at 9.5 by Oddsmakers

Will Ragatz

The oddsmakers in Vegas are expecting more of the same from the Vikings next year. Coming off of a 10-win season in 2019, the team's projected win total for 2020 has been set at 9.5 by BetOnline.

As you can see, the Vikings are tied with the Packers for the highest projected total in the NFC North, with the Bears in the middle of the pack and the Lions down near the bottom of the conference.

The Vikings and Packers trail the 49ers, Saints, and Eagles, though not by much. Vegas is expecting some clear regression from the NFC Champion 49ers, who surged from 4-12 to 13-3 but will play a tougher schedule in 2020. The 13-win Saints and Packers are also expected to regress.

To be clear, these aren't predictions. No one would predict that zero NFC teams will finish with 11 or more wins; that's virtually impossible. This is an attempt from Vegas to ensure that roughly even money comes in on both sides of the total. Still, it's interesting that none of the 13-win teams from 2019 got a total of 11 or higher.

The 9.5 total for the Vikings would seem to represent the idea that this team has a wide range of potential outcomes for next season. If they're able to upgrade the offensive line and take advantage of continuity in their offensive system, retain some key free agents on defense, and draft well, it's not too difficult to imagine the Vikings winning double-digit games and making the playoffs in consecutive years for the first time since 2008 and 2009.

However, if there are some key departures in free agency, the offensive line remains mediocre, and several aging players either begin or continue to decline, the Vikings could find themselves solidly below the 9.5 wins and staring in the face of a rebuild.

The offseason is about optimism, and given the talent on the roster and the proven track record of the coaching staff and front office, I'd be tempted to bet the over. What do you think?

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