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The Vikings broke the modern-era record with 15 draft picks in 2020. While they're unlikely to repeat that feat next year, Rick Spielman and company are set up nicely to once again bring in a big group of players during the 2021 draft.

Back in March, part of the haul they received from Buffalo in the Stefon Diggs trade was a 2021 fourth-round pick. Spielman also turned two late-round picks in this year's draft into 2021 selections. Finally, the Vikings are projected to receive compensatory picks for the exits of Trae Waynes and Mackensie Alexander this offseason.

Here's a look at their full slate for the 2021 draft, which currently features 12 total picks.

First Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection

Second Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection

Third Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection
  • Compensatory pick for Trae Waynes

Fourth Round

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  • Regularly-scheduled selection
  • Pick acquired from Bills (Stefon Diggs trade)
  • Pick acquired from Bears (Draft day trade)

Fifth Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection
  • Pick acquired from Ravens (Draft day trade)

Sixth Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection
  • Compensatory pick for Mackensie Alexander

Seventh Round

  • Regularly-scheduled selection

The Vikings' seventh-rounder was sent as a conditional pick to the Chiefs in the Mark Fields trade, but since Fields didn't make the active roster last season, the pick likely won't transfer.

The notable thing here is that the Vikings should once again have four picks in the first three rounds. After getting a third-round compensatory pick for Sheldon Richardson this year (and subsequently trading it to the Saints for a huge haul of day three picks), they'll likely get another valuable comp pick for Waynes, who signed a deal worth $14 million annually with the Bengals.

Having three more fourth-round picks is also a valuable part of the equation. The Vikings drafted DJ Wonnum, James Lynch, and Troy Dye in the fourth round this year.

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