Vikings Players React to the NFL Banning Jersey Exchanges in 2020

Will Ragatz

The NFL is still planning to proceed as scheduled with the 2020 season, despite an ongoing pandemic and a number of safety concerns that haven't been addressed in a satisfactory manner. 

On Thursday, the league announced one safety measure that comes across as fairly pointless and unhelpful. According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero, teams "will be forbidden from postgame interactions within 6 feet of each other and jersey exchanges between players will be prohibited."

If that sounds ridiculous, you're not alone. The idea that the NFL is cool with players participating in an entire game – in which they will be in close contact with everyone else on the field – but then staying six feet apart pretty absurd. Unsurprisingly, the reaction to that decision was one of confusion, with several current or former Vikings among those to respond on social media.

Former Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs couldn't quite believe what he was reading:

Current Vikings Ameer Abdullah and Anthony Barr also expressed their bewilderment:

The jersey exchange has become a valued part of the postgame routine for many players in recent years. Postgame prayer circles have also become common, and those will be banned as well with players required to stay six feet apart. Simply greeting friends or old teammates after games will become more difficult now. It makes sense to take steps to try to keep things safe, but this just seems somewhat useless if the NFL is going to actually have a season.

Vikings DT Hercules Mata'afa doesn't seem to have a problem with this decision, though.

Earlier this week, Diggs took to Twitter to express his concern about the NFL's return to action.

"I miss football," Diggs tweeted. "I love football...with all of me. But there's so many unanswered questions with this upcoming season. I'd be lying if I said I was comfortable starting back up. I've been training my butt off just trying to stay ready and prepared."

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Why do you start off talking about Viking players then quote Diggs? Who cares what this diva thinks anymore? He wanted a trade, he was traded, so now he is the Bill's problem. If he is afraid and has concerns, why not headline this as Bill's players have concerns, that way I am not wasting my time reading about another team and player that I dont care about!