When Will the Vikings Begin Signing Their 2020 Draft Class?

Will Ragatz

Across the NFL, teams are slowly beginning to sign some of their recent draft picks to rookie contracts. However, it's a process that is taking – and will continue to take – much longer than usual due to the complications caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus far, only 13 of the 32 teams have signed at least one pick, and only 49 of the total 255 picks have signed. The Vikings are among the 19 teams who have yet to sign any of their draftees, as all 15 remain without contracts with June approaching. The only two first-round picks to sign deals as of May 23rd are Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa and Panthers DT Derrick Brown.

Last year, the Vikings had signed 11 of their 12 picks by mid-May, with long snapper Austin Cutting becoming the last to sign in July.

The difference this year is that the Vikings have yet to get any of their draft picks into the facility, where they can sign the paperwork and officially enter the league. Rookie contracts have pre-determined monetary values based on the exact draft slot, but there are a few terms of the contract that are negotiable.

Last year, even in a pre-pandemic world, there were plenty of draft picks (including notable first-rounders like Nick Bosa and Daniel Jones) who didn't sign contracts until late July.

The point here is that there's nothing to be concerned about. The Vikings will sign all 15 of their draft picks, from Justin Jefferson to Kyle Hinton, it's just probably not going to happen until facilities are allowed to re-open.

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