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BREAKING: Washington To Reveal New Name And Logo In Early 2022

The Washington Football Team will remain the Washington Football Team for another season

For anyone wondering if the Washington Football Team will be changing its name before the start of the season, think again. 

As reported first by The Washington Post's Nicki Jhabvala, Washington will remain WFT for the 2021 season. According to team president Jason Wright, the new name and logo is, however, on the horizon.

"The new name and logo will be revealed in early 2022," Wright said in the interview. "And (it) will retain the traditional burgundy and gold colors that are entrenched in the team’s history."

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Last season, Washington elected to continue its rebuild in a stronger culture by dumping the controversial "Redskins" term in favor of WFT. Since then, the team has received over 40,000 name and logo submissions from fans, focus groups and others. 

Wright reassured fans that while the name and logo would be new, the base of the uniforms would not. The burgundy and gold color scheme has remained a staple even after the original name's removal last summer. 

Wright also spoke of the team's plan to move stadiums once Washington's FedExField lease expires in five years. He also said his vision will be to have more than just football games at the new site, with high-profile events throughout the year to provide a stronger revenue. 

Washington returns to training camp for the start of the 2021 season on July 27. 

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