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QB Dwayne Haskins 'Not Surprised' By Washington Football Team Release

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I was surprised,” Haskins says. “It’s just a part of the business.''

One criticism of Dwayne Haskins during his time as a quarterback in Washington is that he lacked the necessary vision. But there is one thing the failed first-rounder sort of saw coming: The WFT's dumping of him.

“I wouldn’t necessarily say I was surprised,” Haskins said, via “It’s just a part of the business. Wasn’t necessarily the people that, you know, were brought in by the new coaching staff and understanding that this is a business and realizing that as the season went on that things weren’t going the way that we both wanted it to.''

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Now fighting for a backup job with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Haskins - the No. 15 pick in the 2019 NFL Draft - seems to be conceding that he did not play well when coach Ron Rivera anointed him as the 2020 starter. He has also admitted that he didn't handle the responsibilities of the job very well, either.

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And that's why is now able to admit that his mid-season release in 2020 was something less than a shocker.

As we reported in this space at the time, Haskins' off-the-field behavior did not live up to expectations. There were also work ethic issues during his time here, all of which led to his release by the team in December, despite having previously been the No. 1 QB ... all part of a season in which Washington won the division and made the playoffs despite having to utilize four starting quarterbacks along the way.

Washington has moved on with the signing of vet Ryan Fitzpatrick, hoping for some stability at the position. And Haskins?

“Just grateful for the opportunity Washington gave me, but it wasn’t completely surprising, but it was also definitely unfortunate to be able to be released the way that I was,'' said Haskins, who has hopefully learned some lessons as he puts in the work to avoid the same fate with the Steelers.

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