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Did Ron Rivera Troll 'Coach' Jason Garrett?

The Washington Football Team coach took a playful poke at the New York Giants' assistant

Since arriving in Washington, Ron Rivera has had plenty to deal with.

He inherited a team that won just three games. He's dealt with quarterback controversies, quarterback injuries, a team name identity crisis, COVID-19 and his own cancer diagnosis.

But even with all of the pressure piled onto Rivera's plate, he's found ways to keep it light-hearted.

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At the end of Sunday's training camp press conference, a Washington Post reporter said, "Thank you, Ron."

“Oh, it’s 'Coach,'” Rivera said with a wink, before adding, "just kidding.”

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The back-and-forth played off a similar - yet more serious - exchange earlier in the week at New York Giants training camp with former Dallas Cowboys head coach and current offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

A reporter told Garrett, “good to see you in person, Jason.” To which Garrett replied, “good to see you, 'Coach' ... that's what we say around here.”

Garrett's episode - which may have been more about "politeness'' than "titles'' - sparked controversy on social media and commenced a debate as to whether reporters should be referring to coaches as "coach."

The “coach” debate was originally launched by Jackson State head coach and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer Deion Sanders, who abruptly ended a press conference after a reporter addressed him as only as “Deion” instead of "Coach."

At the end of the day, it doesn't seem like Rivera cares whether you call him "Coach" or "Ron," he just seems happy to be there and grinding toward another NFC East division title. And, of course, happy to take a friendly jab at a division coaching rival.

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