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Best Weight Lifting Straps for Deadlifts, Powerlifting and More

A quality pair of lifting straps keeps your wrists healthy so you can lift heavier, longer. Here’s our top picks for the best lifting straps you can buy in 2022
Best Lifting Straps

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Lifting straps are a game-changing accessory to have on hand if you’re lifting weights—almost as important as good weightlifting belts and weightlifting shoes. Typically made out of nylon, canvas or leather, lifting straps can provide wrist support, improve your grip strength and keep your hands more comfortable, especially if you’re doing pulling exercises for your back or arm muscles. As a strength training must, professional athletes often turn to lifting straps; however, these wrist straps are useful for beginners or experts alike.

If deadlifts are a part of your fitness regimen, you’ll want a good pair of lifting straps to keep your wrists safe and free from injury or overuse. Whether you work out in your home gym or a traditional gym, it’s important to protect yourself during any heavy-duty or bodybuilding exercises. Here’s everything you need to know about lifting straps, what features to look for and which lifting straps rank on top of our list for best lifting straps for weightlifting. We’ll also share how to use lifting straps properly to avoid injury, what to consider before making a purchase and how they can benefit your workout regimen.

Our Picks for the Best Lifting Straps:

Best Lifting Straps for Deadlifts: Hypelectics Lifting Straps and Wrist Wraps

Hypeletics Lifting Straps

Specifically designed with extra wrist support for deadlifts, it’s no wonder Hypelectics Lifting Straps and Wrist Wraps rank top on our list for best lifting straps. These lasso deadlift straps are available on Amazon and are made with enhanced silicone secure grips to help prevent any slippage as you lift heavier weights.

Yet these padded straps go beyond just deadlifts: they also work for dumbbells, barbells, pull-ups, bench presses and more, giving your wrists the cushioning they need to avoid any hyperflexion (which can lead to injury). Hypelectics straps work equally well for both overhand and underhand grips, so grip style won’t be a limiting factor. Plus, you won’t have to break them in, since they arrive pre-broken in and ready to use.


  • Pre-broken in
  • Enhanced silicone grips prevent slippage
  • Good for overhand and underhand grips


  • Doesn’t come in different sizes
  • No color variations
  • Some users report the velcro strap is too long


  • Length: 11.5 inches
  • Materials: Nylon reinforced neoprene
  • Price: $15.97

Purchase Hypelectics Lifting Straps and Wrist Wraps

Best Olympic Lifting Straps: Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps

Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps

If bodybuilding or powerlifting is your thing, you’ll likely need heavy-duty lifting straps to keep up with heavier weights. Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps, which were designed by a World and European Weightlifting Championships winner, are made with a lasso style and heavy-duty cotton that the brand promises can withstand more than 770 pounds.

Wearing wrist wraps like these can help you increase your reps and the weight you lift, so you’ll want to make sure that any purchase can withstand numerous training sessions. Luckily, Warm Body Cold Mind Lifting Straps are made with dual heavy-duty stitching to prevent tearing, neoprene padding for increased comfort, and cotton, which absorbs sweat. They also have an extended strap length compared to other straps for even more stability.


  • Come in numerous color variations
  • Extended strap length of 22 inches
  • Dual heavy-duty stitching to prevent tearing


  • Material may be too thick for lighter weightlifting
  • Some users report the wrist wraps are uncomfortable
  • Length may be too long for those with smaller hands


  • Length: 22 inches
  • Materials: Cotton, neoprene and natural leather
  • Price: $20.99

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Most Durable Lifting Straps: IronMind Strong Enough Lifting Straps

IronMind Lifting Straps

Another great option for the strongman lifestyle are the IronMind Strong Enough Lifting Straps, which we’ve ranked as our most durable because of their proven ability to withstand even the most heavy weights. These were the straps used by a record-breaking weightlifter who deadlifted a whopping 1,062.5 pounds; however, anyone from newer weightlifters to the most advanced heavy lifters can benefit from the durable construction and design of these straps.

Unlike many competitors, these wrist wraps aren’t made with neoprene, a common material used in lifting straps. Instead, they’re made with a high-quality nylon material designed for durability. Some people may actually prefer a neoprene-free style, which may prove to be more comfortable to wear.


  • Can withstand more than 1,000 pounds of weight
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Users report being able to lift heavier weights


  • Some users report these wrist wraps are slippery
  • No padding, which may be uncomfortable for some


  • Length: 21.25 inches
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Price: $20.95

Purchase IronMind Strong Enough Lifting Straps

Best Lifting Straps for Powerlifting: Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps

Gymreapers Lifting Straps

With thick padding, no-slip features and a lasso build, the Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps are designed for powerlifting. Neoprene wrist padding provides additional support that prevents hyperflexion and keeps your wrists stabilized as you’re powerlifting. It can also help prevent wrist fatigue and improves grip strength. The Gymreapers straps are made out of 100% cotton, are fully adjustable and are offered in numerous color options—all for a competitive price point of just $13.99. The manufacturer promises a free replacement if you encounter any issues, giving users more peace of mind if they decide to purchase.


  • Made out of 100% cotton that absorbs sweat
  • Subject to free replacement if there are any issues
  • Multiple color options


  • Some users report straps rip fast
  • Some users report straps aren’t comfortable
  • Might be too long for smaller hands


  • Length: 18 inches
  • Materials: 100% cotton with neoprene padding
  • Price: $13.99

Purchase Gymreapers Lifting Wrist Straps

Best Strongman Lifting Straps: Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps

Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps

Our first figure eight-style lifting straps rank best for strongman competitors. These thick wrist wraps work best for max deadlifts, shrugs and reps, and they’re small enough to easily throw in your gym bag. Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps come in three sizes, alleviating the limiting factor of a one-size-fits-all approach that many popular lifting strap brands take on. Extra stitching in these figure eight straps provides additional seam reinforcement, meaning they shouldn’t rip if you go heavier on the weights. This brand promises these wrist wraps can withstand more than 1,000 pounds, and they’re a common choice amongst the strongman community. 

The figure eight style also means your wrists are locked in when you wear these lifting straps, so it’s virtually impossible to drop a deadlift barbell. Plus, if you encounter any issues, Serious Steel Fitness offers a one-year warranty on these wrist wraps.


  • Comes in three sizes
  • Beefed-up straps ideal for max deadlifts
  • One-year warranty included


  • Not suitable for pull-ups, since figure eight style could hurt wrists
  • Some users report these wrist wraps fray easily
  • Design might be too thick for some people


  • Length: 60-80 centimeters depending on size
  • Materials: Heavy-duty cotton webbing
  • Price: $23.99

Purchase Serious Steel Fitness Figure 8 Straps

Best Value Lifting Straps: Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

Harbinger Lifting Straps

For just $8.99, you can give your wrists the protection they need when you’re lifting heavy weights. Offering the best value on our list, Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps provide plenty of support at a budget-friendly price. Their extended length of 21.5 inches means you can wrap these lasso lifting straps around your wrists and weights several times, upping your grip strength and increasing stability. A 1.5-inch width also increases your grip on the weights, reducing grip fatigue.

Additionally, NeoTek cushion pads help take pressure off of your hands, which further protects your wrist from common powerlifting injuries. A design made with heavy-duty stitching means these lifting straps should last through many heavy lifting sessions, while merrowed end tabs help prevent fraying, upping their longevity.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • NeoTek cushion pads reduce wrist pressure
  • Merrowed ends help prevent fraying


  • Might bunch up during heavier lifts
  • Material is on the thin side
  • Strap might be too wide for smaller hands


  • Length: 21.5 inches
  • Materials: Padded cotton with NeoTek cushioning
  • Price: $8.99

Purchase Harbinger Padded Cotton Lifting Straps

Best Lifting Straps for Support: RIMSports Weight Lifting Straps

RIMSports Lifting Straps

A secure grip is extremely important for deadlifting. Not only does a secure grip help you lift heavier weights, it also prevents your wrist from over-flexing. That’s why RIMSports Weight Lifting Straps rank high on our list for best lifting straps for support—because they’re made with industrial-grade wrist padding and double-sided stitching that strengthens and stabilizes your grip. They also have silicone lining to withstand heavier weights and prevent slippage. Good for both overhand and underhand grips, RIMSports Weight Lifting Straps can also be used for pulldowns, CrossFit training and more. Plus, these lasso wrist wraps come with a 90-day warranty in the event that they’re defective or don’t work.


  • Industrial-grade wrist padding
  • Can be used for CrossFit training
  • 90-day warranty window


  • May be too much padding for some people
  • Some users report the material digs into wrists
  • Silicone lining can cause sweaty hands


  • Length: 14.5 inches
  • Materials: Neoprene cotton-blend with silicone lining
  • Price: $13.99

Purchase RIMSports Weight Lifting Straps

Best Lifting Straps for Beginners: Hustle Lifting Wrist Straps

Hustle Lifting Straps

If you’re new to lifting heavy weights, a great way to introduce yourself to wrist wraps is through a beginner-friendly pair of straps like Hustle Lifting Wrist Straps. Coming in at an extra-long 24 inches, these lasso-style lifting straps allow you enough material for extra loops around the bar, giving you additional wrist stability and support.

Silicone lining also helps prevent slippage, which is important when you’re early into your weightlifting journey. That way, you don’t have to worry about ever dropping your weights. As you get more advanced in strength training, you can reduce the amount of loops that you place around your wrists and the bar, but the extra material is always there just in case. For a heavy lifting beginner, the features included in these lifting straps provide everything you need to get started.


  • Good for beginners
  • Silicone lining to prevent slippage
  • Includes lifetime warranty


  • Some people may not like the extra length
  • Longer length creates longer setup time
  • Might be too big for smaller wrists


  • Length: 24 inches
  • Materials: Neoprene with silicone lining
  • Price: $12.99

Purchase Hustle Lifting Wrist Straps

Best Lifting Straps for Strength Training: RitFit Lifting Straps and Wrist Protectors

RitFit Lifting Straps

While these closed loop lifting straps are much shorter than many wrist wraps on this list, they still pack a punch. Great for strength training, RitFit Lifting Straps and Wrist Protectors are made with extra-thick neoprene padding to prevent blisters on your wrists and improve grip strength. Since it can be easy to develop blisters during strength training, wearing a pair of lifting straps like these can help prevent the pain (and rest days) needed to fully heal a blister. Plus, the RitFit straps are machine-washable, so you can protect your skin even further by keeping them clean and sweat-free.


  • Extra-thick neoprene padding prevents blisters
  • Machine-washable
  • Good for both beginners and experts with light and heavy weights


  • Shorter length may not work for some
  • Comes in one size only
  • Some users report the wrist protector isn’t tight enough


  • Length: 13.5 inches
  • Materials: Neoprene padding with foam
  • Price: $14.98

Purchase RitFit Lifting Straps and Wrist Protectors

Best Leather Lifting Straps: Rogue Treated Leather Lifting Straps

Rogue Lifting Straps

For a luxury pair of lifting straps, look no further than Rogue Treated Leather Lifting Straps. These lasso-style straps are made out of premium belly leather, which enhances durability, since leather is hard to rip. As the most premium wrist wraps on our list, Rogue leather lifting straps are our favorite because despite being made out of a sturdier material, users report these straps are very comfortable and pliable. Plus, they’re box-stitched for extra strength and come in at a longer length of 24 inches. And if you’re looking for a more stylish buy, these treated leather straps can accessorize any gym outfit.


  • Leather material is more durability
  • Luxury look and material
  • Box-stitched for extra strength


  • Higher price point
  • Leather can make your hands sweaty
  • Not suitable for vegan weightlifters


  • Length: 24 inches
  • Materials: Premium belly leather
  • Price: $25

Purchase Rogue Treated Leather Lifting Straps

Best lifting Straps Lifestyle

What are lifting straps for?

Lifting straps are used by weightlifters to prevent wrist injury, improve grip strength and stabilize their grip when lifting heavy weights. Some straps include wrist wraps, which help prevent slippage, allow you to lift heavier weights and increase your reps without hurting your wrists or hands. Still, lifting straps can be used for more than just deadlifting. They’re also good for pulldowns, CrossFit and other types of strength training, and can be used for both overhand and underhand grips.

How do you use lifting straps?

Using lifting straps requires a fairly simple process. Depending on how long your wrist wraps are, it may take you anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes to wrap them properly. First, you’ll make a loop by putting one end of the strap through the loop at the other end to create a larger loop. Then, place one hand through the larger loop and tightly pull the strap until it feels snug around your wrist and hand. Using the leftover strap, take your wrapped hand and loop the remaining material around the bar in an overhand or underhand loop. Pull tight to secure, grip the bar and you should be all set to begin strength training or lifting heavy weights.

Who should use lifting straps?

Lifting straps are a great accessory for anyone doing strength training. This includes heavy lifting, CrossFit, bodybuilding or strongman workouts. While lifting straps may not be necessary for lighter weights, they can be very helpful for heavier lifting that requires more wrist stability and increased grip strength. If you have an existing wrist injury, lifting straps can be a reliable way to keep your joints safe while continuing the exercises you love (as long as your doctor clears it). They can also help new lifters increase the weight they can lift and their reps.

Other lifting strap FAQs

Are lifting straps or grips better?

Lifting straps aren’t necessarily better than grips or vice-versa, but they do provide certain benefits that weightlifters may enjoy. Although grips tend to last longer, lifting straps are often more comfortable, natural-feeling and allow you to grip more weight. They also provide extra security since they can be wrapped around the bar several times, depending on the length. Still, grips are usually much easier to put on, and may be more convenient for those pressed for time.

Do lifting straps weaken your grip?

Lifting straps typically don’t weaken your grip. On the contrary, they can significantly strengthen your grip by increasing your wrist stability and preventing injuries like hyperflexion (which can easily set you back many days while your wrist heals). Like any fitness equipment, though, you don’t want to overdo your workouts and subsequently overuse your lifting straps, which may cause injury. However, some users report a weakened grip with lifting straps and prefer not to use them, so you’ll want to try them out yourself to see whether or not they benefit your workout.

Should I use wrist wraps for squats?

Lifting straps are designed to be used for weight lifting or strength training where the weight is below you, so you should avoid using lifting straps for squats. They should also be avoided for any exercise where the weight is above you, like snatches or clean and jerks. Lifting straps work best on pull-style exercises, like deadlifts, rows or lat pulls. They can also be used for CrossFit.

Should I get stiff or flexible wraps?

Whether you should get stiff or flexible wraps will depend on your personal preferences and what helps you feel secure. Some weightlifters prefer stiff straps, since they increase stability and truly keep the bar locked into your hand. Others prefer flexible wraps, as these are often more comfortable and give you increased flexibility or wiggle room as you lift weights.

How do I protect my wrists when lifting weights?

Lifting straps are one of the best ways to protect your wrists when lifting weights. They help prevent hyperflexion, blisters, wrist fatigue and other wrist injuries. Still, weightlifting with the correct form will always go a long way in protecting your wrists with or without lifting straps. A strong grip will also reduce wrist pain. You can strengthen your grip by using small weights or light resistance bands, stretching and by using athletic tape.

How effective are lifting straps?

Lifting straps can be very effective at protecting your wrists. They’re also effective at increasing the amount of weight you can lift and the number of reps you can handle. Many users report being able to lift significantly higher amounts of weight with the help of lifting straps, with some straps allowing people to lift more than 1,000 pounds. While lifting straps have a positive reputation, maintaining the correct form while lifting (and using wrist wraps correctly) is even more important.

Do lifting straps help with calluses?

Since weights can rub against your skin and cause friction, they’re prone to creating calluses. Wearing lifting straps provides an essential barrier between your skin and the weights, helping reduce the chance of developing calluses by covering the areas that could be affected.

Do lifting straps go over or under the bar?

Lifting straps can go both over and under a bar, depending on your grip. Many straps are designed for use with both overhand and underhand grips, so be sure to check which grip style your wrist wraps are made for if you tend to lean towards one grip over the other.

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