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End of an Affair End of an Affair

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April 06, 2004

End of an Affair

After a half century of making memories at Augusta, Arnold Palmer, the man who made the Masters, will take one last bow

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Jose Fernandez Is Ready For His Second Act Jose Fernandez Is Ready For His Second Act

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Feb. 17, 2014

Jose Fernandez Is Ready For His Second Act

With a ball in his hand, the Marlins' 21-year-old ace looks wise beyond his years. It's his behavior off the mound that suggests he has some growing up to do. So, which Jose is he going to be?

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Closure and the King Closure and the King

From Issue

July 31, 1995

Closure and the King

A perfect circle was completed when Arnold Palmer said goodbye at St. Andrews

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The Transistor Kid The Transistor Kid

From Issue

May 04, 1964

The Transistor Kid

When announcer Vin Scully came to Los Angeles with the transplanted Brooklyn Dodgers, he was a stranger in alien corn. But in the six years since, he has become as much apart of southern California as the freeways, whose radio-listening drivers form a huge part of his audience

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Hoop Dream Hoop Dream

From Issue

June 26, 1995

Hoop Dream

Kevin Garnett, a sure-shot lottery pick, is jumping from high school to the NBA.

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