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Remember His Name Remember His Name

From Issue

Sept. 11, 2006

Remember His Name

Even as a boy Pat Tillman felt a destiny, a need to do the right thing whatever it cost him.

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A Name On The Wall A Name On The Wall

From Issue

July 23, 2001

A Name On The Wall

Bob Kalsu had just finished a stellar rookie year in the NFL when he chose to serve in Vietnam--and became the only U.S. pro athlete to die there.

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Baylor Rising Baylor Rising

From Issue

Feb. 27, 2012

Baylor Rising

In 2012, oft-bedeviled Baylor was on a quest to become the preeminent Baptist university, and winning (the right way) was essential.

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Jaws of Defeat Jaws of Defeat

From Issue

March 08, 1993

Jaws of Defeat

The toothless San Jose Sharks have snatched few victories in an embarrassing sophomore season.

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A Quick, Hard Right A Quick, Hard Right

From Issue

June 07, 1965

A Quick, Hard Right

Muhammad Ali knocked out big Sonny Liston with a punch so marvelously fast that almost no one believed in it—but it was hard and true.

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Onward Christian Soldier Onward Christian Soldier

From Issue

Feb. 10, 1997

Onward Christian Soldier

Tracy McGrady was an unheralded high school player looking for direction. Then he signed up at Mount Zion Academy.

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