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Rapture of the Deep Rapture of the Deep

From Issue

June 16, 2003

Rapture of the Deep

Carried away by love—for risk and for each other—two of the world's best freedivers went to the limits of their sport. Only one came back

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Big Hit Big Hit

From Issue

May 28, 2001

Big Hit

Fans have quickly gotten on a first-name basis with Ichiro, the brilliant batsman and dazzling all-around talent from Japan who has led the Mariners to the top of the American League

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A City in Mourning A City in Mourning

From Issue

Aug. 09, 1993

A City in Mourning

Boston turned out en masse to say goodbye to Celtic captain Reggie Lewis, whose death at age 27 has raised troubling questions

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A Series to Savor A Series to Savor

From Issue

Nov. 04, 1991

A Series to Savor

In a World Series of delicious drama, the Minnesota Twins barely bested the Atlanta Braves

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The USFL's Trump Card The USFL's Trump Card

From Issue

Feb. 13, 1984

The USFL's Trump Card

Builder Donald Trump, owner of the New Jersey Generals, has bid big bucks to make his league a winner.

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