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A Series to Savor A Series to Savor

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Nov. 04, 1991

A Series to Savor

In a World Series of delicious drama, the Minnesota Twins barely bested the Atlanta Braves

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He's Aiming To Make History He's Aiming To Make History

From Issue

Sept. 05, 1984

He's Aiming To Make History

Walter Payton of the Chicago Bears is on target to become pro football's alltime leading rusher this season

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Born to Be a Big Leaguer Born to Be a Big Leaguer

From Issue

May 16, 1988

Born to Be a Big Leaguer

The way 18-year-old Ken Griffey Jr. is hitting, he may become the first player ever to join his father in the major leagues.

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A Piazza With Everything A Piazza With Everything

From Issue

July 05, 1993

A Piazza With Everything

Rookie catcher Mike Piazza brings a hot bat, a fiery intensity and a touch of the paisano to Tommy Lasorda's lineup

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The USFL's Trump Card The USFL's Trump Card

From Issue

Feb. 13, 1984

The USFL's Trump Card

Builder Donald Trump, owner of the New Jersey Generals, has bid big bucks to make his league a winner.

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