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Can the Government Fix College Athletics on The Joe Gaither Show

What's the fix to college athletics on The Joe Gaither Show | Episode 186: March 12, 2024.
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Former Alabama head coach Nick Saban and Alabama athletics director Greg Byrne went to Washington today to participate in Senator Ted Cruz's Roundtable of the Future of College Athletics. The Tuesday edition of "The Joe Gaither Show on BamaCentral" spends time focusing on the challenges that college athletics faces and then finishes with Crimson Tide players making NFL moves.

Byrne highlighted that Alabama football and men's basketball serves to fund the other 19 athletic programs at the Capstone, which immediately sets the table for how fragile the future of college athletics is with the volatility of football. 

Name, image and likeness is out of control across the country as players utilize the transfer portal to capitalize on their own personal brand. Saban lamented at what the sport has become, but even his proposition to revenue share with the football athletes, to mitigate pay-for-play, would mean that the universities would have to make cuts elsewhere to maintain a balanced budget. 

The toothpaste is out of the tube as far as name, image and likeness is concerned but the show offers a solution that would slow down the chaos throughout the landscape of college athletics. 

We move on from today's events in Washington to talk about three former Alabama players in the NFL making moves. Derrick Henry will move on from the Tennessee Titans but his fit in Baltimore could be dangerous for the Ravens opponents to deal with. 

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