Miller updates the status of Doutrive, Nanji

Brad Allis

Sophomore Devonaire Doutrive remains suspended for an unspecified violation of team rules but is practicing with the team as well as participating in all team activities other than playing in games. Miller called the suspension “indefinite” but also noted that the media will be notified when his status changes.

“A lot of great kids and young people can make bad decisions,” Miller said. “That does not mean that they are bad kids. College is a time when sometimes the best lessons are learned in a negative sense. You rebound from it, you learn from it, you grow, you take a different approach. That is for all students at the University of Arizona and our players are no different."

He mentioned that they are working with Doutrive every day and are looking forward to his return, which sure sounds like the sophomore wing will return to game action sooner rather than later. In his absence expect more minutes for Dylan Smith and Jamarl Baker.

It is a setback for Doutrive who had earned the team’s gold jersey, an award for the best practice player, twice in the preseason.

Freshman big man Zeke Nanji sat out the Chico State game with an ankle injury but will play against Northern Arizona unless he has a setback. He returned to practice on Sunday.

“We’re being smart with him, big picture ahead of us,” Miller said. “Certainly, Zeke is a prominent player.”

Miller did indicated that Nanji has a good shot at starting, but then hedged and noted that they team does not have “an iron-clad” starting five and that any of the top-9 players could start. 

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does this team not seem to extremely deep? obviously playing under pressure is the key, but we have a lot of players. i imagine we need to see competition