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AllSunDevils Interview with 2022 WR Jordan Williams

Donnie Druin sat down with Williams, who currently has Arizona State in his top five.

Off the field, Etiwanda High School receiver Jordan Williams is an average teenager. Williams loves spending time with friends and family, and when free time is ample, he's pretty good on the sticks when it comes to video games such as the popular Madden and Call of Duty series.

"I drop 8+ kills each game," said Williams in reference to his skills in Call of Duty's Warzone battle royale game mode. 

When it comes to playing games on the screen, Williams believes he's one of the best. When it comes to playing on the gridiron, college scouts and recruiters know he's one of the best. Coming out of Rancho Cucamonga in southern California, Williams was consistently ranked as a top-40 athlete in his class. 

Recently, Williams revealed his top five schools in his recruitment with Arizona State landing on his list. 

While Williams still figures out where he wants to go to school for a minimum of three years, he does have his majors narrowed down. Williams mentioned studying in the realm of real estate at the next level, or possibly even taking up coaching the sport he loves. 

"It was a little difficult, but it's more based off (being) comfortable and how you feel about the school," said Williams when asked how he felt narrowing his list to five schools. 

"They all mean something to me and my family. I can't wait to see where I land for the next 3-4 years, but I just know I'm gonna be great and do the best I can at whatever I do."

Williams, when asked about Arizona State, didn't hold back any of the love and reception he felt by the Sun Devils.

"ASU feels like home," said Williams. "I got family out there and just being connected with some of the players there, it felt really good. The coaches and my family have a really good relationship too. I've talked to coach P (Prentice Gill) and coach Hawk (Chris Hawkins) a lot more then any of the coaches. I've also talked to the offensive coordinator (Zak Hill) and of course Coach Herm (Herm Edwards)."

Edwards' track record in the NFL and getting players to the professional level are equally impressive, and Williams couldn't deny what he brings to the table on and off the field.

"Most definitely, I think he's such an amazing coach," said Williams when asked about Edwards and if his track record with the NFL was attractive. "I love all of the aspects he brings to the team, and how the team feeds off of his energy."

While it was tough for Williams to truly give me an idea of his team rankings, he said Arizona State is very much in the running for his talents. "They're most definitely in the top three. I deeply feel love for Tempe and the Arizona State family," he said. 

When asked to give one message to Sun Devils fans, Williams, who believes he would be rated as a 92 overall player in the return of the NCAA Football series, offered this:

"I'm coming for necks!! #PlayLikeAWilliams."

Williams has yet to choose a date for his commitment announcement.

Donnie Druin is a Deputy Editor with AllSunDevils. Follow Donnie on Twitter @DonnieDruin, and AllSunDevils @AllSunDevils.