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ASU Football: AllSunDevils Round Table on the Cancelled Fall Football Season

AllSunDevils writers got together to discuss the news that came down the line this week with the Pac-12 canceling the season.

The AllSunDevils team got together to discuss the news of the Pac-12 canceling their season and what this means exactly. While one thing is for sure, there will be no Sun Devil football in 2020; there are still so many questions left to be answered. Only time will tell if and when we get those resolved. 

What was your reaction to the news?


"It felt inevitable after the week that we had. It was like was the Big Ten going to cancel first or is the Pac-12 going to cancel first. Who's going to be the first domino, and then will that be a snowball effect for all the other power five conferences. It hasn't yet; there's only two of them that have been postponed. I suppose for the fall, but I wasn't surprised because I felt like it was all leading up to that." 


"It was expected, but it's also confusing. The ACC, Big 12 and SEC, it looks like they're planning on having their seasons in the fall with Pac-12 and Big 10 with the two conferences having them in the spring. I'm kind of interested to see how they are going to make this work. There are still so many question marks. Crazy how there are two different sides to this topic."

While it seems that it wasn't a surprise to many, it still stings. One group in particular that is in a tight spot are the players looking to be selected in the NFL draft.  

Alex: " I don't think any Sun Devils are showing up on mock drafts first rounds from this crop. So maybe if you are Chase Lucas and you feel like you can up your stock with a really strong senior year ... that can propel your stock forward and give you a better chance ... maybe we start seeing opt-outs during the season."

Austin: "I think that's a great point. The opt-out during the season... I think it's all depending on how confident they are in their abilities and if there are having whispers or hearings of where they might go in the draft or what team is interested in them."

With regards to scholarships and eligibility: 

Alex: " Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said that the scholarships will not be affected. The people who are guaranteed scholarships this fall will continue to have their scholarships, and they are going to try to have the NCAA send out grants to different schools to help athletic departments."

Eligibility is something that could be affected potentially. Commissioner Scott said he's urging the NCAA to do what they did for the spring athletics." 

Austin: "With regards to eligibility, it all depends if they do play in the spring. If they don't, that's where it gets tricky.  I think the players should be granted an extra year of eligibility." 

So how confident are we at AllSunDevils that we will even see spring ball?

Sande: 60/40 that we see spring football

Alex: 55/45 that we see spring football 

Austin: 40/60 that we see spring football