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22 ASU Coaches and Administrators come together and form "WE 22"

22 ASU coaches and administrators promise to their student-athletes

Protests and change are happening all over the world. The death of George Floyd and so many other innocent black lives has sparked the nation to cry out against the injustices. Not only have people taken to the streets, but they have taken to social media and beyond. Many athletes have spoken out about their experiences and many coaches too.

One movement that Arizona State is doing is “WE 22”. There are 22 coaches and administrators that together are fighting for change and spreading it across their school. They are committed to helping their student-athletes rise to the the occasion on and off the field. In a tweet posted today by Associate Head Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator, Antonio Pierce he and 21 others are committed to,

“ We are black men who have the responsibility of serving student-athletes at Arizona State University, a power 5 conference institution. The largest in the country, were are also fathers, sons and husbands who are angered and frustrated with the repeated cycle of national disregard for black life. Our department is home to many young black lives who represent our university in their sport, but who are also developing their mind, spirit and identity and promise as coming of age leaders who will influence their future families in an uncertain America. We are concerned. With this is a preamble. WE 22 collectively share our thoughts in the moment.

In the midst of this pandemic, racial unrest and welling black self determination, we are doubling down on our responsibility to represent and serve our student-athletes, families and community. This is a pivotal moment in time in which we must put our knee on the neck of the mentality that applauds black athletic performance but doe not see the full humanness of black lives.”

The time for change is now.