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A Sun Devils Fan Guide to the Las Vegas Bowl

From tickets to sparkly new Allegiant Stadium, here's a guide for every Arizona State Sun Devils fan to know prior to the Las Vegas Bowl on Dec. 30.
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Fear not, Arizona State fans. The trek to watch your Sun Devils in a bowl game does not involve driving to San Diego or El Paso. 

Avoiding those two destinations for a bowl game was already a win in itself, yet after Arizona State was announced to be playing in the Las Vegas Bowl against the Wisconsin Badgers, I can't imagine there was a whole lot of convincing to do to attend this year's bowl game. 

We have to go to Las Vegas? Drive slightly over four hours and watch Arizona State in Allegiant Stadium, a venue that cost $1.8 billion to construct? 

Well, if we have to . . . 

As the Sun Devils search for their ninth win of the season, it's hard to imagine players and coaches would feel differently. 

While the team now prepares for a feisty Badgers team, Arizona State faithful now must plan for the upcoming road trip. 

There's a few tips and tricks to know along the way, whether it be tickets or what Vegas may look like on game day. 

Since yours truly was previously at the Pac-12 Championship held at Allegiant Stadium a short time ago, I thought sharing some knowledge could be helpful. 


Please enjoy this Sun Devils guide to the Las Vegas Bowl:

Obtaining Tickets

Before you purchase tickets, please know that while Allegiant Stadium does not require proof of vaccination, you must wear a mask at all times unless actively eating or drinking (this is much the same basically anywhere throughout Las Vegas). 

The following is a message from the stadium when trying to purchase tickets.

"Allegiant Stadium takes the health and safety of its guests, employees, and staff very seriously. In response to rising COVID-19 cases, and in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and State of Nevada Emergency Directive 047, all individuals, regardless of vaccination status, must wear a face mask while inside the stadium. The State of Nevada & CDC do not currently require proof of vaccination to attend events. Allegiant Stadium’s COVID-19 protocols are subject to change as additional information is discovered or provided by the State of Nevada & the CDC."

The bowl's official website will take you to this Ticketmaster link to buy tickets, although you can use other sites to purchase tickets. 

Please note that there is a "home" and "away" side for fans to sit with their respective teams, although you can purchase tickets anywhere. 

Arizona State is considered the home team, and will be placed on the west side of the stadium.


Hotel Rates

With the bowl game and the following day being New Year's Eve, Las Vegas will be a prime destination for tourists while the Sun Devils are in town, and hotel prices reflect that. 

During the week, hotel rates are normal up until Wednesday. Beginning on Thursday, Dec. 30, the prices climb dramatically thanks to New Year's Eve pricing. 

For the Pac-12 Championship, I stayed at a hotel on the strip near the stadium. Despite the mass amount of Utes fans, Las Vegas wasn't any more or less packed than it typically was. I had no problem getting to and from wherever I needed to go. However, New Year's Eve will likely be a whole new animal in terms of the public being there.

For cheaper options, I would definitely look into staying somewhere off the strip if you're really into saving dough. However, if you're there for the experience of the game and city, perhaps you could justify the money on a night or two. 

If you're looking to stay where the team is, the Sun Devils will be at Virgin Hotels while the Badgers will be at the Mandalay Bay. Click this link for more information that includes rates specific for those traveling for the game.

Getting To/From Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium is conveniently located right off of a major freeway, which can be good if you're driving straight to the game. It can also be a hassle if you're driving from the strip. 

There are several places to park around the stadium, although most of those options include cash. Give yourself plenty of time in advance to navigate the tricky roads surrounding the stadium, as even my Uber driver had a difficult time with the GPS on (what was supposed to be) a five-minute drive. 

If you're walking to and from the game, Hacienda Road will be blocked off for foot traffic. This will take you from the strip to the stadium and vice-versa. The stadium is about a 25-minute walk from the Tropicana hotel.

This was the map sent to media for the Pac-12 title game, and while it is subject to change, here's a good map of the outer parts of the stadium.


Game-day Experience

There are gates practically everywhere for you to get in, yet if you're wanting to avoid a long walk around the stadium and get straight to your seat, the west side of the stadium (such as gate 15) would be the closest to your seats. 

Lines were super long to get in for the Pac-12 Championship, and I suspect that will again be the case. The box office will be located on the north side of the stadium if you have tickets on reserve there. Be sure to get there a bit early! 

Link here for stadium policies (the normal stuff such as no smoking, clear bags only, etc.)

Please note that Allegiant Stadium is cashless. If you only have cash, you can find a kiosk that will take your cash in exchange for a debit card to use (more info can be found in the stadium policy link above).

The outside of Allegiant Stadium is majestic. Every dollar spent on the stadium can be flexed on first glance, as it's "Death Star" nickname is incredibly accurate. 

Once inside, the stadium really does feel like a spaceship. The black, white and space-gray aesthetic does a good job of encapsulating that. I definitely encourage people to get there early to soak in the sights and see all the cool stuff the stadium has to offer.

From the numerous stores and food options to the giant torch to honor former Raiders Al Davis that goes for multiple stories in the stadium, every dollar spent is truly seen. Multiple jumbotrons give fans a great way to enjoy the action from every angle, with clear glass panels behind the torch that give a view of the strip.

The atmosphere was great and loud throughout the entire game, as I nearly had to plug my ears sitting in the press box. 

It was a very enjoyable time for myself, and I'm excited for Arizona State fans to witness what should be a good game in a great stadium. I'm looking forward to seeing the Sun Devils again in action at Allegiant Stadium, and hopefully some of our readers.