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Arizona State Uniforms Bring the Heat On the Field

AllSunDevils takes a look at some of the different Arizona State Uniforms from 2019

There are many things to love about Arizona State’s football program. The pride and tradition that comes with being an alumni or cheering on the Sun Devils every Saturday is unequalled in the state of Arizona. Whether it be the recent revival of the program thanks to Herm Edwards or the simple sight of “A” Mountain, little can top the sweet feeling of throwing the forks up after a victory.

The sweet uniforms do help, though.

Let’s be real: Uniforms are part of the recruiting process. While athletes may not (and shouldn’t) solely base their commitment on fashion, the feeling of putting on their potential school’s uniform and envisioning themselves looking good certainly helps sell the program.

Since July of 2015, Adidas has been in partnership with ASU athletics. Through that time, some eye-candy uniform combinations have been produced for the football program. Adidas has been on the upswing as of late, as heavy out-fitters such as Nike and Under Armour haven’t had strong runs in the uniform department as of late (yeah, we’re looking at that school in Tucson).

Combining school colors such as maroon and gold with the typical black and white has seen some very successful aesthetic outcomes in the previous couple seasons.

An ode to my favorite Sun Devil uniforms from 2019:

The super sleek all-black 

Regardless of what school colors are being represented, there’s just something magical about throwing on black uniforms and taking the field. The all-black with yellow lettering and the white helmet provides a perfect touch of light on the uniform.

Numero Uno

When ASU traveled to East Lansing and upset the ranked Michigan State Spartans, they did so in style. While some may be hesitant to give props to a white/gold set uniform, the helmet really sells this for me. On the right side features the ASU pitchfork, with the other featuring the player’s number. The touch of gold on the white facemask makes this helmet one of a kind.

All White Everything

As great as all-black uniforms are, the only match for that amount of swagger can be seen on the road when ASU dons their all-white uniforms. There’s just something so clean about the white jerseys with dark accents. Here you can also see an ode to the state flag with the rising sun on the shoulders as well.

Nothing like home

Staying true to the school’s maroon and gold scheme, the all maroon uniforms with white helmets are nothing short of spectacular while keeping simple. I’m also a big fan of the numbers on the helmet and the maroon facemask. The gold on the jersey provides that extra pop for the player’s number as well.

Gone Bowling

When the Sun Devils emerged victorious over Florida State in their bowl game last season, they did so in style. The main differences between this uniform set and the first black on black uniform rests between the helmet. Here you can see the yellow helmet was utilized with a special PT42 shield above the facemask, honoring the late Pat Tillman.

Also to be mentioned with the above uniforms are the white away jerseys with maroon pants and white helmet, and the maroon on maroon home uniform with a yellow helmet.

And of course, there is the 2017 "Brotherhood" uniform that will go down as one of the best in school history. The jersey paid tribute to active U.S. military members and veterans and according to Adidas, it was designed in collaboration with the Pat Tillman Foundation and ASU Athletics. 

There’s yet to be a full commitment on playing football in 2020. However, should college football remain intact this fall, it’s certain ASU will take the field in style.