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Arizona State Teammates Encounter Racism at a WHATABURGER

Three Arizona State football players racially harassed at WHATABURGER in Tempe, Arizona.
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The last month the world has been seen coming together to rise up and support against racism. The road to recovery and change is a long one, but one that has been started large in part to the most recent death of George Floyd by police officers. Thousands and thousands of people from all over the world have joined forces peacefully to protest the injustices of racism in America. As some heal and strive for hope, some are quickly reminded that we still have a lot of work to do. 

Arizona State football players Nolan Matthews, Jordan Clark and T Lee took to twitter early morning on Wednesday to document the racism they had endured at a WHATABURGER in Tempe, Arizona. According to the players tweets, they were called the N-word, profiled and blatantly disrespected." Due to the inside of the fast food chain being closed, only the drive through was open and since they didn't have a car to go through the drive through, they asked patrons in the car line if they could get them something. The tweets went on to explain that the teammates had their own money and were wanting to pay for their own food. The lady who called them the N-word was given her meal for free. The manager of the WHATABURGER told the football players that he did not hear her use that word. 

Arizona State fans, coaches and players have gone to social media to use their voices in support of the players.