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ASU Football: Arizona Varsity's Chilly Takes Us Through Some In-State Athletes Arizona State Should Have on Their Radar

Chilly takes through a deep dive of high school student-athletes that should be on ASU's radar.
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Recruiting in your backyard is critical, but also, more complicated than it might seem. Like ASU's recruiting coordinator Antonio Pierce told Brad Cesmat on the Brad Cesmat Show,

"Listen, we want all of these hometown heroes to stay here, in the state of Arizona, with the Sun Devils, but they got to want it as much as we want them."

ASU has landed two 2021 in-state public commits. And one of those is from ASU legacy, Isaia Glass. Glass is a student with high moral fiber and high football IQ. ASU fans will love watching this hometown hero shine on the big stage, but what about all of the rest? Well, to help answer this, I called on the big guns. The Arizona Media knows him as "Just Chilly," and of course, I mean ArizonaVarsity's very own recruiting insider, Chilly.

When it comes to knowing the Arizona high school football scene, there is nobody else who knows the ins and outs of the prep life more than Chilly. His advice to ASU coaches,

"If ASU just jumps early, gets in on this fast. I think they can really clean up in-state recruiting."

According to Chilly, there is a list of names that ASU should be all in on. 

Here are a few from around the state for the 2022 class:

2022 QB Ridge Docekal, Saguaro

2022 QB Jalen Daniels, Red Mountain

2022 QB Brayton Silbor, Chaparral

2022 QB Treyson Bourguet, Salpointe Catholic

2022 RB Devon Grubbs, Desert Vista

2022 RB Kaden Cloud, Williams Field

2022 DE Marcus Hubbard, North Canyon.

(Full list mentioned in the video above) 

It's never too late to get the Herm Train rolling through the state.

Chilly did give credit to ASU for having the 2022 kids out to ASU to tour when they were freshmen, but as Chilly also mentioned, they are about to be juniors. So you have to stay on them.

Pierce also mentioned the 2022 class to Brad Cesmat saying this,

"In the 2022 class, about 12-18 months ago, we offered about 18 student-athletes in the 2022 class, so nobody can say we're ahead of the curb. We knocked that out. Those guys are just one year into their high school career, and we offered them.

Now there's some kids we were late on… Some guys get caught up in the numbers game. You're looking for certain things in this class, height and length. I doubt we'll sign anybody shorter than 6-1. We're not on that track." 

In the words of Chilly, 

"Believe me. All these kids dream of playing at Frank Kush Field. Dream about playing at Sun Devil Stadium … Keep these kids at home. They want to be here."

Not only do these young athletes grow up dreaming of playing at ASU, but they also grew up dreaming of playing in the NFL. If there is one coaching staff that can get you to the NFL, it is the staff at ASU. The young coaches at Arizona State have done a fantastic job building ASU's program and Chilly is all in on what they are doing, 

"We have a young coaching staff coming up with (Prentice) Gill and Hawk (Chris Hawkins) and all of those guys. And I absolutely love it … I think that all the kids would jump at the opportunity... All we have to do is hit send on a few DMs, follow a few kids on twitter … get that love right."