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Arizona State Maintains Pac-12 Commitment; Big 12 Still Viable Option

Sun Devils AD Ray Anderson released a statement this week reaffirming ASU's position within the Pac-12.

While the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans ready themselves for a move into the Big Ten in 2024, the Arizona State Sun Devils appear to be committed to strengthening the Pac-12. 

Or, so ASU athletics director Ray Anderson says. 

"ASU remains fully committed to the Pac-12 Conference. ASU continues to work closely with the other remaining conference members to advance the best interests of its student-athletes as well as to support the continued success of the conference itself," Anderson said in a statement. 

Oddly enough, the Sun Devils were one of the Pac-12 teams (along with Arizona, Colorado and Utah) that reportedly met with the Big 12.

With the Bruins and Trojans gone in just two seasons, all eyes are on two other prominent programs in Oregon and Washington. Their decision to stay or go could continue the ripple effects that would shake the Pac-12 down to it's core, forcing the conference to act swiftly in order to save itself. 

However, Pac-12 insider Jon Wilner doesn't believe departing the conference is optimal for either program. 

Thanks to the now seismic holes left in the Pac-12, each remaining school must do what's best for themselves, and Arizona State is no exception. 

Would a move to the Big 12 be beneficial? 

The Big 12 will see heavyweights Oklahoma and Texas ditch town for the SEC soon, leaving optimal opportunity for other teams throughout the conference to climb up the pecking order. 

The Sun Devils have struggled in recent years despite boasting a great location, enjoyable college atmosphere, NFL-littered coaching staff and almost above all (networks will love this), Phoenix is one of the largest cities in the country in population. 

There's plenty of mutual growth for the Big 12 and Arizona State to gain from a move into new territory, which also expands to sports such as basketball. ASU would also earn a clean slate to finally step out of the shadows of teams such as USC and Oregon.

The Sun Devils have many factors working in their favor to become a successful football program. Could the Big 12 be the crucial stepping stone ASU needs? 

It would be difficult for Arizona State to leave the Pac-12, a conference they've belonged to since 1978.

However, times are rapidly changing in a college football landscape that has required many schools to fend for themselves. 

The decision to remain with the Pac-12 or leave can't be undersold in its magnitude. The Big 12 may be ASU's ticket out of a fragile Pac-12 if things keep pace.