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Arizona State Player Ratings in Madden 22

There's plenty of Arizona State representation in Madden 22.

Rejoice, football fans. 

Madden 22 is set to release at midnight on the east coast Thursday, allowing fans to indulge in their newest football fix ahead of the 2021 regular season. 

Although the NCAA Football franchise is a few years away from returning, Arizona State Sun Devils fans are able to play with some of their favorite alumni in Madden's latest edition. 

Perhaps start a franchise mode with the Cardinals and trade for each former Sun Devil, or just play as your absolute favorite in player career mode. Even the game's ultimate team mode could offer more pitchfork solutions, should you desire that level of commitment.

ASU currently has 14 players registered in the newest Madden, and AllSunDevils gathered each player's rating heading into launch week of Madden 22

Of course, these are subject to change depending on player performances throughout the season, as EA will regularly update the rosters and ratings. 

Here's how your Arizona State players rate in Madden 22:

Arizona State Sun Devils in Madden 22

Running Back

RB Kalen Ballage (Steelers): 71 overall
Notable stats: 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 87 agility

RB Eno Benjamin (Cardinals): 66 overall 
Notable stats: 91 jumping, 87 speed, 84 carrying

Wide Receiver

WR Brandon Aiyuk (49ers): 78 overall
Notable stats: 95 jumping, 92 acceleration, 91 agility

WR Frank Darby (Falcons): 64 overall
Notable stats: 89 acceleration, 88 speed, 84 change of direction

WR N'Keal Harry (Patriots): 73 overall
Notable stats: 92 jumping, 88 speed, 88 acceleration

Offensive Line

G Sam Jones (Falcons): 58 overall
Notable stats: 83 toughness, 82 strength, 78 impact blocking

G Jamil Douglas (Bills): 61 overall
Notable stats: 86 strength, 83 lead blocking, 80 impact blocking

C Cohl Cabral (Vikings): 55 overall
Notable stats: 88 toughness, 80 strength, 80 lead blocking

Defensive Line

T Renell Wren (Bengals): 68 overall
Notable stats: 91 strength, 86 toughness, 86 impact blocking

T Lawrence Guy (Patriots): 80 overall
Notable stats: 93 toughness, 91 strength, 86 pursuit/play recognition


FS Aashari Crosswell (Seahawks): 63 overall
Notable stats: 90 speed, 90 acceleration, 89 jumping

DB Damarious Randall (Seahawks): 74 overall
Notable stats: 90 agility, 90 acceleration, 84 change of direction

Special Teams

K Zane Gonzalez (Lions): 73 overall
Notable stats: 96 kick power, 75 kick accuracy

P Matt Haack (Bills): 74 overall
Notable stats: 96 kick power, 79 kick accuracy

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