Devils in the Details- Arizona Varsity's Cody Cameron part 1

Breaking down Arizona State recruiting during the pandemic

“The Devils in the Details” is a weekly detailed look at what’s going on in Arizona State Athletics. This week I am joined by the one and only Cody Cameron of Everyone at Arizona Varsity does such an excellent job supporting and covering high school football. Be sure to check it out.

Cody has one of the best eyes for recruiting I have ever seen. In this first part featuring Cody, he breaks down the pandemic and how it has affected recruiting. Due to the Corona virus, the recruiting dead period remains in tact. So that means that everything has gone virtual. Athletes are now seeing schools on a laptop or phone as apposed to stepping on the campus and seeing what it is actually like. Welcome to 2020.

“ One of the biggest things that happened to is the spring eval(uation) period. Especially being in the state of Arizona … The spring eval(uation) period is one of the most important times for college football staffs to recruit these kids …they get to see the kids that they have been recruiting for the last couple of months even sometimes years in person … That didn’t happen this year because of the pandemic.”

It has been no secret that Herm Edwards and Company want to recruit coast to coast, top top bottom across the nation and that is one thing the pandemic has allowed.

“ Arizona State they have been recruiting nationally. They made it known this year they are going to recruit nationally west coast to east coast. I think it allowed a lot of college programs to do that. Because now everyone is on a level playing field.”