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Talkin' Threads: ASU Uniforms for UNLV

Arizona State's uniforms never disappoint, and that's again the case for the upcoming UNLV game.

If you're an Arizona State Sun Devils fan, life is good. 

ASU is 1-0, Arizona may not win more than two games this year, and the Sun Devils continue to rock some pretty sweet uniforms. 

Last week, the Sun Devils brought out gold helmets and pants to pair with a maroon jersey, balancing the two Arizona State colors effectively. 

Earlier this week, ASU's equipment staff teased a new helmet that is a mixture of both colors to form the following:

Now, thanks to ASU Uniformity, the rest of Arizona State's look for Saturday night's festivities are now known.

Helmet: ASU will use the helmet pictured above. The helmet carries darker hues of maroon that will shift to gold depending on your viewpoint and the light that hits it, creating quite the eye-catching piece of headwear. A white pitchfork accompanies a white stripe down the middle for the Sun Devils, along with a white facemask. According to ASU Uniformity, this will be the first time since 2018 the team will wear maroon helmets. 

Jersey: Arizona State opts for a maroon jersey for the second week in a row. The jersey features the Arizona sunburst from the state flag, with your typical PT42 crest in the middle of the collar and accompanying Pac-12/Adidas logos on the front. Numbers are in gold with black outlines and also appear on the side sleeves as well. 

Pants: Someone call the fashion police! White pants after Labor Day? The Sun Devils go with the clean pants that have both the pitchfork on the player's right leg and a vertical "Sun Devils" that is on the left side of the pants. White socks and white shoes will complete the bottom look, according to ASU Uniformity. 

Arizona State is always down to put on a fashion show with their threads, and their latest uniform combination speaks volumes to how deep each material of clothing can get. Perhaps a white helmet would have put this uniform over the top, but nonetheless ASU will be nothing short of stylish when they take the field against UNLV. 

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