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Arizona State Unveils Spring Game, Practice Dates

ASU spring football is right round the corner, as the first practice is scheduled for March 15.

The itch for Arizona State Sun Devils football will soon be scratched. 

ASU released its upcoming spring practice schedule, with the first day of practice on March 15, only one day after their scheduled Pro Day.

Following 13 practices (typically rotating every other day) will lead up to Arizona State's spring game on April 9. 

The scheduled days and times (which are subject to change) can be found below:

Admission to watch the Sun Devils in their spring game is expected to be free, allowing ASU fans from across the Valley an opportunity to get an early glimpse of Arizona State's 2022 squad. 

The following are current spring practice rules, according to

  • Practices can be conducted over a 34-day period with 20 hours per week of unrestricted activities. Players must receive one day off per week.
  • 15 on-field practice sessions may be held, with no more than 12 involving contact.
  • Full contact may not occur until the third practice.
  • Eight of the 12 contact practices can involve tackling, and no more than three of those eight may be devoted to 11-on-11 scrimmages.
  • During non-contact practice sessions, headgear may be worn.

After a frantic offseason that saw Arizona State in headlines for all the wrong reasons, soon the Sun Devils will take the first in many steps of marching forward into the new season.

Meanwhile, Arizona State will host two Pro Days on March 14. At 7:30 a.m., there will be workouts with draft-eligible players. Later in the day, at 1 p.m will be the workouts for rising seniors.