ASU Football: Arizona Prep Report Part Two

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Arizona Prep Report 

Part two of the Arizona Prep Report took us down to Queen Creek High School to watch the Queen Creek Bulldogs host the Williams Field Black Hawks. The matchup featured two teams in the discussion for qualifying for The Open Championship. It also held several strong Division 1 prospects.

Williams Field played a more competitive game than the 37-6 final score would lend you to believe but just got in its own way when it mattered most, be it by penalty or a poor snap. Queen Creek made sure to capitalize time and time again. Queen Creek definitely has the talent, and the look of a team headed for The Open.

Onto the players…

OT Isaia Glass, 2021- Offensive tackles are the most underrated athletes on the gridiron, and they use every bit of it to protect their quarterbacks. Isaia is exactly that, an athlete. Listed at 6’5” 255-lbs, though I’d suspect a few more pounds than that of muscle, the ASU commit moves his tall, wide frame with great agility and plays with great physicality. It’s a frame that has room to add plenty more lean mass without compromising his mobility and agility. His basketball background shows up in his footwork and agility. Glass shows nice technique in both his pass and run blocks, always keeping a strong base and using his hands well.

The Queen Creek senior is the type of lineman made for ASU with his great combination of size, athleticism, and length. Glass picked ASU over several other Pac-12 offers and follows his father Paul Glass’ footsteps to Tempe. Sun Devil fans will enjoy his growth and development as his best football is still ahead of him.

S Hunter Barth, 2021- Hunter Barth is an athlete that can both defend downfield and make plays behind the line of scrimmage. Though he has the speed and hands to be considered as a WR prospect, his physicality and defensive skills shine even brighter. Barth has the frame and strength consistent with strong safety prospects and the speed to be one that makes plays all over the field. His receiver skills show up in his ability to cover the air attack in his hips, change of direction, and ability to go get the ball.

Barth is most certainly a Power 5 level recruit and has offers from several Top 25 programs. The Bulldog safety committed to the Cal Bears back in April over schools like USC, Oregon, Utah, UCLA, amongst others. The Queen Creek senior never received an ASU offer, though he seems to surpass the talent eye test. In time, we’ll see if that’s a decision ASU regrets or if they were right to seek talent out of state.

LB Trey Reynolds, 2021- When you think football players, you think of players like Trey Reynolds. The Queen Creek linebacker plays the game with great ferocity and physicality. The 6’2” 235-lb, hard-nosed linebacker shows great instinct and ability to read the play. Reynolds shows all the skills needed at linebacker- the short area agility, the great ability of playing downhill with squared shoulders, great tackling form, solid straight-line speed, and a good ability to slide down the line of scrimmage to meet the ball carrier.

The older of the Reynolds brothers (the younger Porter is a good player himself) is certainly a Power 5/Top 25 level recruit, and his commitment to Utah proves it. There’s a lot of talk about how ASU wants players with length, so perhaps Trey didn’t fit their model enough to warrant an offer, but Reynolds is worthy of playing big-time football. The Utes got themselves a good football player.

QB Devin Brown, 2022- Devin Brown is certainly coming into his own as a quarterback. The Bulldogs signal-caller has the height, frame, and arm talent you look for in a great QB. Devin possesses good arm strength and even better accuracy with his throws. He isn’t afraid to put a ball in a tight window. Brown moves in and out of the pocket very comfortably and is excellent throwing the ball on the move. Though he doesn’t have blazing speed, Brown can get downfield with his legs.

Brown is absolutely a Power 5-level recruit from the skillset he displays. He, in fact, committed to USC less than a month ago. The Queen Creek QB chose the Trojans over offers from Wisconsin, Michigan State, North Carolina State, and ASU. The state of Arizona has produced a large number of excellent quarterbacks, and, like many, Brown will be heading out of state for college.

S Krew Jackson, 2021- If you’re looking for a safety that can cover a large area of space, Krew Jackson is the type of player you seek. The lanky 6’5” safety is a good athlete who covers great ground in the secondary with his gazelle-like stride. Going over the top on Krew’s height and athleticism might also not be a great idea. When you see such a long frame, like Jacksons, one at times thinks that this is a player who might shy away from contact, but nothing could be further from the truth. Krew has no problem sticking his nose is on plays. He supports the run well and shows solid tackling form.

Queen Creek has D1 talent littered across its defense, and Jackson certainly is a part of that. Krew committed to Kansas State in late August. Jackson turned down offers from schools like Iowa State, Boston College, Virginia, Pitt, and both Arizona Pac-12 schools.

LB/DE Porter Reynolds, 2023- When you watch the Queen Creek defense, you can’t take your eyes off Porter Reynolds. The sophomore wrecking ball is a handful and can be regularly seen in the backfield tormenting quarterbacks. Reynolds is already displaying NFL Combine-like strength by bench pressing 225 pounds 28 times (there’s proof on Twitter, look it up) and is known to do single-leg squats of 315 pounds… dear goodness. But Porter isn’t just strength, as he regularly displays an impressive burst for that muscular, compact frame. The agility also stands out as an asset not prohibited by his muscle mass.

Porter still has a couple more seasons to go before he enrolls for college, but he already has seen significant offers come his way from the likes of Colorado and Washington State. We’ll see what other programs jump into the fray.

Others of Note:

WR/TE Colby Garvin, 2021- When I see Garvin on the field and see his attributes- his height, frame, catch radius, strength, and I see his raw skills- how he moves, his willingness to be physical, his hands… I see a D1 tight end/possession receiver. He is a good player with the skillset to play at the next level. I look forward to seeing what he does the rest of this 2020 season and what collegiate opportunities come his way.

OL Derrick Brown, 2021- Brown is a solid offensive lineman who has taken strides this offseason to make himself a D1 caliber player. Brown carries his 6’5” 295-lb frame well with good composition. In action, you see a player who knows how to get into his legs and play athletically. If he continued to develop as he has this year, Idaho won’t be his last offer.

QB CJ Tiller, 2023- Tiller is an interesting sophomore quarterback who shows you dual-threat abilities. He’ll show you a strong arm and impressive athleticism on an athletic frame. As he continues his development this year and next, we may see another one of those excellent Arizona quarterbacks emerge with a chance to play at the next level.

OT Isaiah Vega, 2021- Vega is a good looking football player who shows versatility in that great 6’4” 250-pound frame. The Williams Field offensive tackle moves very well on the line and showed strength in taking on the high-end Queen Creek defense. For as good as he looked on the offensive line, I would not be surprised if his future had him on the other side of the trenches. Regardless, this is a young man who should get his chance to play in college.