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ASU Football: Herm Edwards Still Pushing For 2021 Class

Despite the pandemic and Pac-12 shut down, Herm Edwards is still focused on the 2021 class.

With whispers of a potential Pac-12 fall football season being resurrected, one may expect the efforts of Arizona State's recruiting to take a slight dip with the majority of the focus being shifted to the gridiron. However, with a 2021 recruiting class that currently ranks 18th in the country and a determined Herm Edwards still at the helm, it appears the Sun Devils are far from calling it quits for 2021's recruiting cycle.

Edwards made it very clear in a recent appearance on 98.7 FM's Maroon Monsoon that 2021's class is still very much a center of focus despite COVID-19 speed bumps.

"Every program is in the same situation. Coaches can not go out, and you can not bring players on campus," said Edwards. "So how you go about that, as far as bringing them (virtually) into your office, into your facility is very important."

With a star-studded lineup for the class of 2021 headlined by defensive back Isaiah Johnson and offensive linemen Ezra Dotson-Oyetade, ASU's current top-20 ranked class sits as one of the more impressive classes in recent memory. Part of that success has been accomplished by team-wide efforts to recruit across the country.

"We've become a national recruiting team all of a sudden," said Edwards. "We're getting kids from all different states. That says a lot about our staff's ability to do that, and it's all about relationships."

While California continues to dominate ASU's recruiting trail (6 of 21 commits hail from California), the Sun Devils have multiple commitments from other states such as Texas, Florida, Wisconsin and North Carolina, with other states rounding out an impressive twelve-state pallet.

The Sun Devils still have their work cut out for them, as ASU still has roughly 85 offers out to current high school seniors that have yet to decide on their future. While interest levels differentiate for the remaining undecided players, it's clear Arizona State still has their foot on the pedal in terms of making noise in the class of 2021.