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ASU Football: Sun Devil Players as State Fair Foods (2021)

What's your favorite snack at the fair? Could you compare it to Arizona State football? Donnie Druin makes a case for it.
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Six weeks into college football season, and the Arizona State Sun Devils are as promising as a ride on the Ferris wheel with your favorite person. ASU boasts a 5-1 record and looks to be a strong contender in the Pac-12 despite some suggesting their chances of winning the conference is on par with winning the ring-toss game. 

Can you name two better traditions in this great state than squashing some funnel cake and watching the Sun Devils run up the scoreboard?

With both in the news recently (for better or worse) and the public flocking to both events, I figure I’d have some fun and compare a handful of Arizona State players to some of your fair favorites. Note: This list is subjective, as I know not everybody has tremendous taste for fair food such as yours truly.

The Pac-12 conference = Kettle Corn

Kettle corn isn’t a favorite across the country. In fact, it feels as if it is not nationally respected among other foods and only favored in a select region despite the wide range of flavors. However, at the end of the day, when there’s nothing else left to snack on, people will happily dig their hand in a bag of kettle corn.

Arizona State = Deep-Fried Oreos

You’ve heard people talk about how good deep-fried Oreos are, yet you’re not quite sure if it’s the real deal. It’s been fairly popular some years, but you’ve seen it disappoint before. There’s a lot of hype surrounding the deep-fried Oreos as one of the favorites of the fair, and you know there’s a chance that if they come out hot and fresh, it’ll rank in your top 25 despite other opinions.

Herm Edwards = Turkey Legs

While not flashy or extravagant, the turkey leg is simply there to get the job done. Just meat and bone, nothing can be more basic yet straight to the point. Others may flock to flashier foods, but at the end of the day, real folks are going to choose the turkey leg because it’s proven and will fill you up. Let’s give some respect to the turkey leg.

Jayden Daniels = Funnel Cake

This is what everybody is there for. This is the money maker. It’s flashy, and it’s everything you’ve been waiting for. The top-tier state-fair food has earned all of its hype, and it’s expected to continue to reach new heights despite other foods laying claim to the same title as the top fair food. You have a solid group of people who insist that funnel cake is indeed the undisputed top food, yet everybody can agree that funnel cake is extremely delicious no matter your taste buds.

Rachaad White = Frozen Lemonade

What better way to wash down the funnel cake than with a sweet beverage? After playing second fiddle to other beverages, it appears frozen lemonade is on the come this year. Frozen lemonade does a little of everything, doubling as a beverage and a possible sweet/dessert option. Its big-taste ability makes it a home run when you’re in the mood, and when you finally get the chance to only taste the lemonade, you’ll say to yourself, “Wow, this is pretty sweet.”

Kellen Diesch = Loaded Nachos

Loaded nachos are not on the forefront of everybody’s mind. It’s not necessarily as popular as other foods, yet it handles business in a big way. The giant plop of food is simply immovable by just one person alone. Loads of flavor packed into one strong food make for one underappreciated fair food despite recognition outside of the fair. Can eat at any time of the day.

Darien Butler = Ice Cream Sandwich

If you were to speak to the ice cream sandwich, you’d know exactly how it rolls. Sweet with the cookie, but cold with the ice cream. The dessert option has been around for years, but recently has seen a revival in popularity. The ice cream sandwich isn’t for everybody; it possesses a certain swagger to eat it on a hot Arizona day. Solid on the outside or inside and is the sweetest part of its food group.

If this made you hungry, my sincerest apologies! The Arizona State Fair welcomes everybody back during Oct. 1-30.