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ASU News: AllSunDevils Weekly Roundtable Wrap Up

The AllSunDevils crew each week wraps up news around the Pac-12 and Arizona State

AllSunDevils weekly wrap up round table is here, again. A lot has happened this week. First, the Big Ten announced they will have fall football. This left all eyes on the Pac-12, which caused a lot of confusion and chaos on twitter and real life. The pressure is now on the Pac-12 to get it together and have football this fall too. Not having football while every other Power 5 conference is, would be a very, very bad look for the Pac-12 for a lot of reasons.

Pac-12 presidents and chancellors met on Friday to discuss football and basketball and potential start dates. The outcome of the meeting was that they would have another meeting next Thursday to discuss more. 

The Pac-12 Conference tweeted out today that the meeting with the CEO's was "productive and informative," and the next meeting will be to decide on a possible return to play date before January 1st. The Pac-12 remains adamant that the health and safety of all involved is the primary concern and focus.

As for basketball, the NCAA has chosen a start date on November 25th, but again, it doesn't matter if the Pac-12 decides against sport competition in the fall of 2020. There have been rumors of a bubble type situation like in the NBA, and maybe then ASU hoops would get to play. 

Many questions remain, but the positive of all of this is that fall sports for the Pac-12 are back on the table. There is some light at the end of the tunnel.