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Exclusive with Rachaad White: 'I'm Here to Prove Myself Right'

All Sun Devils interviewed Arizona State running back Rachaad White at the Senior Bowl, and gained insight into his current state of mind.

MOBILE, Ala. -- Although college football's top all-star game is sponsored by Reese's, current Senior Bowl and former Arizona State running back Rachaad White isn't too into sweets. 

"I don't eat sweets as much as I used to," said White in an interview with All Sun Devils. 

"It's really rare when I eat sweets. (I would say my favorite is) probably Sour Patch Kids or Haribo's Gummy Bears." 

Although White's style in snack choices are no longer sweet, his running style on the field can be described as just that thanks to factors such as speed, agility and ability to make defenders miss by either going around or sometimes above would-be tacklers. 

White finished his time at ASU with an impressive 1,426 rushing yards in only 15 games played for the Sun Devils, averaging 6.4 yards per carry and reaching the end zone 20 times.

Here in Mobile, it's a big week for White. The Senior Bowl has continually pushed top talent through the NFL Draft, gathering the best senior prospects ready to hit the next level and giving pro teams the opportunity to watch and speak with them up-close for the first time in the draft cycle. 

For White, a player who predominantly played in Pac-12 games aired late at night, this week was viewed by many to potentially be a coming out party for the electric Sun Devils rusher. 

Player comparisons are popular within the draft community to give people an idea of how a college player may look like at the next level. 

When White was asked who his running style could be compared to, he said, "I don't model my game after anybody really, I just try to be myself.

"But I take pieces from others' game; you can always do that in order to add to your game and get better. Looking back I probably looked up to Le'Veon Bell a lot, just because of the way he runs, the way he lets the play develop, his burst as well as how good he can catch out of the backfield."

White's abilities as a pass-catcher have been highlighted often in talks in Mobile, and that's to be expected. White's production as a pass-catcher was top-notch, as he reeled in 51 receptions for 607 yards and two touchdowns during his time at Arizona State.

White also led the Sun Devils in receiving yards in 2020, and trailed receptions leader Ricky Pearsall by only five catches this past season. 

His first practice on Tuesday garnered rave reviews from the majority of those in attendance. 

However, White wasn't quite as sold as everybody else. 

He said, "Overall I'd grade my (first) day yesterday (as) probably a C or something. It was average. I'm really just trying to get better each day. If I was a C yesterday, try to be a B today. If I'm a B today, try to be an A tomorrow. (It's important to) keep making steps and strides, going forward (and) not backwards." 

White is competing with the best of the best in his draft class only two years removed from playing JUCO ball at Mt. San Antonio College. When it comes to expectations, nobody is harder on White than himself. 

"I have a lot of high goals and expectations for myself," said White on his trip out to the Senior Bowl. 

"Honestly, for me, I would say the schedule (has been one of the challenges adjusting to the Senior Bowl). There's a lot going on, so making sure you stay focused on your goals and the expectations you have for yourself when you're just trying to succeed, really." 

When it comes to the professional approach of the Senior Bowl, White should have an easier time with the transition thanks to the "pro model" set in place at Arizona State by head coach Herm Edwards. 

"I feel like it's helped me a lot," said White about how ASU has helped prep him for the next level. 

"The professionalism that they taught, you know how to come in, how to carry yourself and just how to go about business." 

White confirmed to All Sun Devils that he's met with 16 teams in Mobile, with much of the week left for that number to increase. 

Draft season offers a myriad of opinions from clubs and media in regards to where a player may be drafted. 

The consensus of where White could possibly land isn't identical across the board, although most have him going fairly high. 

White isn't concerned with the outside noise. 

"I mean, I don't know," said White when asked about his draft stock. 

"I'm the type of guy where I don't even worry about that right now. You got to control what you can control. Nobody knows what pick they will be drafted with, or this and that. I don't really pay attention to mock drafts and things like that. I try to focus on myself. I just want to land in the best situation that fits me well."

White said he's here at the Senior Bowl for a reason.

"I just think you get knocked, you get this (or whatever), sometimes people are biased and I'm not disrespecting anybody," he stated. "But it's just funny (seeing where some have him ranked). I'm just here to prove myself right and prove others wrong." 

Before White exited the interview, he was asked to give his opinion on the Sun Devils for the 2022 season.

"They're gonna be great," said White.

"They still have a great coaching staff, they still have Coach Herm (Edwards). I feel like they're gonna be great. They still have (quarterback) Jayden Daniels. They're gonna be straight. They're gonna win games, for sure." 

There's plenty of time to figure out how the Sun Devils will look heading into next season.

However, the spotlight currently belongs to White. There's hope he can make good on a promising career at Arizona State when he makes the jump into the NFL. 

That all begins here at the Senior Bowl, and that's something pretty sweet even for a guy like Rachaad White.