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Herm Edwards Trends on Twitter Following Jayden Daniels Transfer

The land of Twitter spares no one, as Arizona State Sun Devils coach Herm Edwards found himself trending on the app Thursday.

Often times, head coaches will receive blame for everything that happens on a football field, with Arizona State Sun Devils head coach Herm Edwards no exception. 

Can't run the ball? Blame Edwards. Can't stop the pass? Blame Edwards. Even if the kicker comes out of the locker room with two left-footed cleats, Edwards would still be labeled as the scapegoat. 

That's the role he plays, and he understands that. 

So when Arizona State quarterback Jayden Daniels entered the transfer portal on Thursday, it wasn't surprising to see the reactions. 

That's not to say Edwards doesn't own some blame for Daniels departing the program, especially if reports are true of Edwards holding a meeting with Daniels while the program had interest from quarterback Spencer Rattler, only to stick with Daniels. 

That's another story for another day, but the Twitter story Thursday was a lot about Edwards after another blow to ASU's football program.