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Hilarious Clip of Brian Billick Poking Fun at Arizona State Re-Emerges

Brian Billick, the newest member of Arizona State's football staff, just might have to answer for a slight dig he took at ASU while coaching the Baltimore Ravens.

On Monday, the Arizona State Sun Devils announced former Super Bowl champion head coach Brian Billick had joined ASU's football staff as an offensive analyst and special advisor to head coach Herm Edwards. 

Billick, who served as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens from 1999-2007, has a few connections with Arizona State. 

Most recently, he coached ASU defensive end Tyler Johnson in the 2022 Hula Bowl. 

He has prior experience with fellow special advisor Marvin Lewis, who served as Billick's defensive coordinator in Baltimore from Billick's arrival in 1999 to 2001. Lewis, who would eventually take the Cincinnati Bengals head coaching gig, met Billick twice a season as AFC North rivals from 2003 until Billick was fired following the 2007 season.

Billick also coached a handful of Arizona State player, most notably drafting tight end Todd Heap (2001) and linebacker Terrell Suggs (2003) as first-round picks.

Heap was Baltimore's top rookie featured on the first ever season of Hard Knocks in 2001, a television series that follows a selected NFL team through the trials and tribulations of training camp. 

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Billick, doing his due diligence in teasing the shy/quiet newcomer in Heap, chose to take a small slight at Arizona State on camera. 

"Todd's funny because he's got kind of that 'aww shucks, I'm just from Hooterville, Arizona' here," said Billick in a close-up to the cameras, before the show pans to Billick speaking to Heap at practice. 

"Some people go to college, some people go to Arizona State. I understand!" 

Surely, this isn't the first time something pop culture-relevant has taken a jab at Arizona State, which has been deemed the Harvard of the Southwest (if you're bored, here's a nice video of some times that ASU has been at the wrong end of jokes). 

Props to those over at the Pac-12 Apostles Podcast for posting this video of Billick's interaction with Heap. 

Perhaps at some point Billick may have to answer for his joke, although working hands-on with Arizona State just might make him have a change of heart.