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Combine Interview: DB Chase Lucas Proving Himself as Versatile Veteran

In an interview with All Sun Devils, Arizona State DB Chase Lucas said teams were inquiring about his ability to play across the defensive backfield.

INDIANAPOLIS -- For the first time since 2016, Sun Devils defensive back Chase Lucas won't be suiting up for ASU.

"Really, the six years is great for me because I got to get a lot of experience, but I think what's going to put me over the top was my coaches. Herm Edwards, Marvin Lewis, Antonio Pierce, a lot of dudes that have been in the NFL and have the experience (in the league), I got to experience a lot of things in those six years, moreso in the four years with Herm. I feel like everything else will take care of itself," said Lucas at the NFL Scouting Combine.

"It's a surreal experience, I'm happy, I'm glad to be here. I'm truly blessed."

Lucas is one of eight Arizona State players in attendance at the Combine, boasting the most for any Pac-12 team in Indianapolis.

"It's really big because all of the people that are here I've seen come in (to ASU) or came in with. I'm really excited for all of us, but I'm also excited for the program. The type of talent that we have at Arizona State, I think they (the rest of the country) take the Pac-12 for granted. We're gonna wake them up," he said. 

Lucas said his toughest matchup while playing at Arizona State was facing USC receiver Drake London, saying, "He's definitely a great athlete. I feel like he's going to surprise a lot of people. Hopefully he gets drafted first round." 

All week, we've heard from other ASU players about how prepared they are thanks to Edwards' pro model at Arizona State, and Lucas continued to echo that sentiment.

"All of this stuff is not new to me. I've always been this kind of person. I've always had NFL coaches around and that type of standard around the facility. This is nothing new," he said. 

Lucas noted he hasn't had any formal interviews at the Combine but has met with a number of teams including the Cardinals and Broncos. He also added teams discussed potentially moving him around the secondary.

"A lot of teams know I'm an athlete, I feel like I'm very diverse at every position. They (the teams) keep asking me what I would play and I keep telling them 'whatever gets me on the field,' " said Lucas.

It's hard to find anybody else that can match the longevity and career of Lucas, who can be described as the ultimate Sun Devil thanks to his passion for Arizona State. Lucas added he "bleeds maroon and gold" before touching on his favorite moment during his time with the Sun Devils.

"This last time when we played U of A and I went undefeated in my career against them, that's the first time where a starter's gone undefeated against the Wildcats for five straight games. That's a title I'm going to wear for the rest of my life," he said.

Lucas played in 53 career games at Arizona State, totaling 223 career tackles, 34 passes defended and six interceptions. You don't last that long at the college level without being somewhat savvy. 

"I think my best thing really is my football IQ," said Lucas on what his best attribute is as a prospect. "I love studying; I love to study my opponents and stuff like that. I'm also pretty smart when it comes to defensive play-calling in different schemes and stuff like that.

"My weakness is double-moves. I tend to be real aggressive, especially on curls and stuff like that, including short and intermediate routes. I feel like that sets me up for double-moves. As far as anything else, my speed is there. My physicality is there. I got to be more disciplined with my eyes."

Lucas, along with a handful of NFL teams, believe all the tools are there for him to develop into a player at the next level.