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Pac-12 Issues Statement on Potential Expansion

After announcing the formation of their alliance with two other conferences earlier in the week, the Pac-12 conference released a statement on expansion.

On Thursday, the Pac-12 conference released the following statement on the subject on potential expansion through a press release. 

"Following consultation with our Presidents, Chancellors and Athletic Directors, the Pac-12 Conference has made the decision to not pursue expansion of our membership at this time. This decision was made following extensive internal discussion and analysis, and is based on the current competitive strength and cohesiveness of our 12 universities. It is also grounded in our confidence in our ability as a conference to best support our student-athletes and to grow and thrive both academically and athletically."

Potential expansion of the conference was a heavily debated topic through the summer, as the domino effect of Oklahoma and Texas departing the Big-12 conference led many to believe the Pac-12 could potentially poach more teams. 

The press release, coming just days after the ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 announced plans to form an alliance, doesn't completely close the door on future expansion for the conference. 

In early August, Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff and Big-12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby reportedly met to discuss potential options for the two conferences moving forward. 

Kliavkoff offered this to say on expansion at Pac-12 media day:

"We have a stable, highly successful, and well positioned membership with a high bar to entry. Given our investments in football and men's basketball, our historic domination of other sports, we do not think expansion is required to continue to compete and thrive," said Kliavkoff. 

It looks like those words held true over the course of time, at least for the foreseeable future. The conference will likely continue to evaluate all options as the landscape of college football continues to undergo change. 

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