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SI Pac-12 Week 1 Power Rankings: UCLA Catching up to Arizona State

After a dominant victory in week "zero" of the college football season, the UCLA Bruins slightly climb the polls heading into Week 1.

With only one Pac-12 team in action during college football's "week zero" last weekend, little movement was expected from last week's power rankings

However, a 44-10 blowout over Hawaii shined a bright light on UCLA's program, as the Bruins look to capitalize on the positive momentum ahead of their home matchup with LSU this weekend. 

Would that be enough for the Bruins to leap-frog the Arizona State Sun Devils? Not quite, although the point differential is closer than last week. 

SI's Pac-12 Week 1 Publisher Power Rankings:

1. Oregon (4) 68 points

2. USC (1) 67 points

3. Washington 59 points

4. Utah (1) 55 points

5. Arizona State 48 points

6. UCLA 43 points

7. Cal 33 points

8. Stanford 31 points

9. Colorado 27 points

T-10. Oregon State 15 points

T-10. Washington State 15 points

12. Arizona 7 points

How AllSunDevils Voted


1. Oregon; 2. USC; 3. Washington; 4. Arizona State; 5. Utah; 6. UCLA; 7. Cal; 8. Colorado; 9. Stanford; 10. Oregon State; 11. Washington State; 12. Arizona

Comment: UCLA handled business against Hawaii, as they should have. However, no movement was needed in the rankings from last week. We’ll see what UCLA really looks like when they meet LSU next week.


  • No changes in the overall rankings after week zero
  • The following schools gained points in the power rankings from last week: Utah (2), UCLA (3), Stanford (1), Colorado (1) and Washington State (1)
  • The following schools lost points in the power rankings from last week: Arizona State (3), Cal (2), Oregon State (2) and Arizona (1)
  • Three publishers had Arizona State ranked fourth, while the Sun Devils were fifth, sixth and seventh in the other three polls. 
  • Two polls had UCLA jumping ASU this week. 

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