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Speak Of the Devils Host Brad Denny Breaks Down the Arizona State Defense

Speak of the Devils Host Brad Denny goes in-depth about ASU's defense

2020 football is going to look a whole lot different due to the corona virus. Arizona State football is not only going to look different because of COVID-19 but also due to Arizona State football's new defensive scheme. Brad Denny with Speak of the Devils podcast breaks down the Sun Devil defense. Where they will shine and where they still will need a little more help. 

" That's one of the areas I think will bear most scrutiny this coming year is in the trenches on both sides, but specifically on the defensive line. One of the big things obviously is the switch to a more traditional front. You're going to more four-man front under new co-defensive coordinate Antonio Pierce and most notably Marvin Lewis ... He's going to bring a four-man front that's going to have a lot more options to what they can do in terms of a schematic pass rush. Be a little bit more creative. With that 3-3-5 the last couple of years kind of limited and ASU didn't necessarily have the body types, the right player types to have success in the 3-3-5," Denny explained to AllSunDevils about ASU's defense and how they can progress this season on the pass rush. 

The devils will need to get better in the trenches, and the pass-rush needs to take a step forward, but one bright spot on this ASU team is the secondary. The secondary has been one of the biggest concerns the last few years, but as the Devils sit now according to Denny, the secondary is "the strength of probably the entire team."