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Spencer Rattler's Dad: Arizona State Coaching Staff Contacted Us

Yes, those Spencer Rattler to Arizona State rumors appeared to have true steam before Jayden Daniels shut those hopes down.

It's been quite the week for the Arizona State Sun Devils. 

At least it's felt like a week, but only a handful of days have passed since quarterback Jayden Daniels entered the transfer portal with no announcement or message from the man himself despite posting a video on Dec. 2 revealing he would return to Arizona State for one last season. 

At the moment, Daniels is not held in high regards by the majority of eyes among ASU faithful. Whether those reasons stem from his regression on the field or his sudden departure vary depending on who is doing the talking. 

Former Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler hit the transfer portal shortly after OU's season concluded. Rattler, a native of Arizona and the Phoenix area, was thought to potentially be interested in becoming the newest Sun Devils quarterback. 

In fact, sources told All Sun Devils there was legitimate interest between the two sides.

However, the dream for many within Tempe didn't work out, as Rattler eventually enrolled at South Carolina. 

From the outside, it appeared Arizona State had no interest  in a potential future with Rattler at the helm. Yet when reports recently surfaced of ASU head coach Herm Edwards meeting with Daniels at the end of the season (effectively pushing Rattler out of the picture), fans quickly realized Rattler playing for ASU wasn't too far off. 

The entire story isn't totally clear, as nobody really knew what side fell through on making a potential deal happen. Was it Rattler? Was it Arizona State? Rattler's father Michael chimed in on a Twitter thread that involved heavy debate on if Rattler wanted to play for the Sun Devils. 

We now have confirmation the Sun Devils did indeed contact Rattler and show interest in bringing him to ASU. 

The father's words appear to paint the picture that Arizona State was under the impression Daniels was heading to the NFL, or perhaps was even told that by Daniels himself by using the verbiage "when Jayden changed his mind," in terms of turning pro. 

And while Rattler still may not have ended up in Tempe even if Daniels departed for the NFL, it's notable that was a possibility prior to Daniels announcing his return. 

After ESPN's Matt Barrie mentioned NIL money as a reason Rattler didn't attend ASU, his father cleared the air. 

So, there you have it: Arizona State potentially had a chance to land their dream quarterback, and a nice combination of Daniels returning on top of Edwards doubling down on his guy eliminated any interest from Rattler. 

Now, Rattler is enrolled at a new program and Daniels is in the transfer portal. 

Thanks for clearing most of that air, pops.