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Sun Devils Spring Practice Notebook: Day 2 Involves Fun in Trenches

The Sun Devils have one more practice before the pads can come on.

March Madness is underway for the world of college basketball, although the Arizona State Sun Devils have their own special competitions going on at spring practice. 

No major changes occurred in ASU's lineup from the first day of spring ball, as all starters remained in their normal positions. 

Quarterback Daylin McLemore took reps with the first-team offense during install, but it was still Trenton Bourguet leading the way with Paul Tyson working with the second team in team activities. 

Tight end Messiah Swinson took reps with the starters rather than Jaylin Conyers Thursday. Both are expected to be utilized heavily in ASU's offense next season. 

Star defensive lineman Jermayne Lole was present but did not participate in drills, much like the first day of spring ball. It's unlikely we see him anytime soon. 

Defensive back DJ Taylor continued to return punts on Thursday. His spot towards the end of the year in a return man role was stolen after inconsistencies fielding the ball, but the dynamic prowess displayed with the ball in his hands makes him hard to replace on special teams. 

Reporters were able to see a tad more of team activities, and the Sun Devils displayed quite the amount of motion behind the ball in the few plays run. Head coach Herm Edwards did warn us on Tuesday about the offense utilizing play-action more frequently. 

"We got in the huddle where the quarterback actually had to call the play. It's interesting. That's kind of fun just to watch, but we can get out of the huddle too. But just little things like that (will be changing). Probably more play-action, under center maybe a little bit more, that's part of it and I think that helps you. It's interesting to see how that evolves," said Edwards. 

Bourguet's stint during the team period was short, although he was assisted thanks to a tough catch by receiver Ricky Pearsall, who reeled in a ball through contact with a defensive back.

Tyson took majority of the reps passing the ball and had a few incompletions during the period although one deep ball could have been completed if not for an odd adjustment by the receiver. Tyson's last pass before the media departed was nearly intercepted, which energized the defense.

The best (and most fun) part of the day came with the defensive line during their positional drills. Defensive line coach Robert Rodriguez positions two linemen in a three-point stance off the ball, with the defenders waiting for the ball to move before bending around a corner and touching a bag. 


The first to touch their respective bag wins, and players who aren't participating are asked to "place their bets" and stand behind who they believe will win. Loser owes the other side push-ups. Plenty of trash talk was heard, and some can't be repeated over a public forum.

It's a fun competition, and especially enjoyable for players such as Tautala Pesefea Jr. and Joe Moore, who won both times they stepped up to the plate. Winners of the drill also included Omarr Norman-Lott, Stanley Lambert, Gharin Stansbury and B'Ahmad Miller.

Michael Matus lost both times he appeared, although both losses were questionable and possibly could be reviewed for fixing matchups!

Arizona State returns to the practice field Saturday, where full contact is now permitted. No more than 12 practices can involve contact.