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It's undoubtedly the talk of the town, especially with such big questions surrounding the Arizona State Sun Devils as they head on the road to do battle with the UCLA Bruins. 

Questions such as how quarterback Jayden Daniels will perform with the spotlight on him and if a Herm Edwards-led team can refrain from penalties and turnovers on the road once again will be asked when the team bus pulls up to the Rose Bowl. 

Yet the most important question has already been answered: How will the Sun Devils look when they take the field? 

The answer? Quite phenomenal.

Arizona State's Week 5 Uniforms


Helmet: The iridescent maroon/gold helmet has returned! The helmet, worn for the second time this season, features a maroon facemask, no stripe down the middle and a special pitchfork that features both maroon and gold within, outlined in white. 

Jersey: Arizona State rocks the white uniforms for the first time all season, with maroon names and numbers outlined in gold. The Arizona state flag's sunburst is featured centrally in the chest with respective Pac-12, PT-42 and Adidas patches on the chest. Numbers are also featured on the sleeves. 

Pants: Don't tell ASU not to wear white after Labor Day, as the Sun Devils are going white-on-white for their road trip to UCLA. The white pants feature the standard pitchfork on the player's right upper thigh, while the left leg has "Sun Devils" written vertically in maroon.

Takeaways: This uniform will likely look better in person or on the broadcast than in pictures. Would a white helmet complete the 10/10 look? Absolutely. However, is this uniform still top-tier? Also, absolutely.