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Uniform Watch: Arizona State Reveals Uniforms for Season Opener

There's very few in the country who can match Arizona State's tried and true uniform combinations.
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When it comes to looks, nobody quite captures the true essence of the importance of aesthetics like Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good."

Should that be the case, Arizona State may very well replicate their performance the last time they collectively stepped on the field together, winning in dominant 70-7 fashion over rival Arizona. 

Great looking threads are a big source of revenue from the fan base, and in today's age of recruiting, players need to visualize themselves looking good wherever they may go.

With a maroon and gold base color scheme, Arizona State's uniforms have always been different from the standard. When the school switched to Adidas for a deal that lasts through 2023, the Sun Devils saw their uniform concepts improv from the cleats up. 

With countless combinations of helmets, jerseys and pants, the Sun Devils are capable of trotting on the field with a unique uniform each week. 

When Arizona State takes the field Thursday night, they'll do so with the following threads:

Helmet: The beautiful gold helmet with the maroon pitchfork, outlined by an off-gold color to make the pitchfork stick out. A thick maroon stripe down the middle of the helmet and maroon facemask completes the look and offers a balanced helmet of color. 

Jersey: The maroon jerseys with bold gold numbers are a fan-favorite in Tempe, and rightfully so. ASU's captains don a special patch with the state of Arizona outlined. The state's flag is darkly outlined on the jersey, providing a unique home-state twist for all opponents to see. Centered in the middle of the jersey is the PT42 patch, an ode to ASU great Pat Tillman. 

Pants: Arizona State could have opted for any color, but the gold pants paired with the gold helmet provide a complete, vibrant look to the uniform. ASU's pitchfork can be found on the player's right side of the pants, with gold socks to fill out the bottom of the entire uniform. 

When the Sun Devils take the field against Southern Utah, they'll do so in excellent style. Here's hoping their play follows suit. 

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