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Week 7 Pac-12 Power Rankings: Sun Devils Dominate Once Again

The Arizona State Sun Devils sit atop Sports Illustrated's power rankings for the second week in a row.

Following a strong win against Stanford, the Arizona State Sun Devils remain at the top of Sports Illustrated's Pac-12 Power Rankings for a second straight week. The Sun Devils, followed by the Oregon Ducks, are the only Pac-12 teams to find themselves ranked in the most recent AP Top 25 poll.

Aside from ASU and Oregon, only three other teams (Oregon State, Utah, UCLA) possess a winning record six weeks through the season. 

Sports Illustrated's Pac-12 Publisher's Power Rankings, and how each member voted:


1. Arizona State (5 first-place votes) 5-1, 3-0 in conf. 71 cumulative points

2. Oregon (1) 4-1, 1-1 67

3. UCLA 4-2, 2-1 55

4t. Oregon State 4-2, 2-1 52

4t. Utah 3-2, 2-0 52

6. Stanford 3-3, 2-2 44

7. Washington State 3-3, 2-2 32

8t. USC 3-3, 2-3 29

8t. Washington 2-3, 1-1 29

10. Cal 1-4, 0-2 19

11. Colorado 1-4, 0-2 12

12. Arizona 0-5, 0-2 6

How Publishers Voted


1. Arizona State; 2. Oregon; 3. Utah; 4. UCLA; 5. Oregon State; 6. Stanford; 7. Washington State; 8. Washington; 9. Cal; 10. USC; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: Man, what a week for the Pac-12. ASU beats a fairly decent Stanford team and looks as if they're the top team at the moment, although Oregon could rebound nicely off of their bye week. A big road test at Utah awaits against Arizona State team trying to go 4-0 in conference play.


1. Oregon, 2. Arizona State, 3; UCLA, 4. Oregon State; 5. Utah, 6. Stanford, 7; Washington State; 8. USC, 9. Washington; 10. Cal, 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona.

Comment: I’m not sure Oregon is the best team at the moment, but I can’t ignore that road win over Ohio State. If Arizona State dominates Utah, the Sun Devils might supplant the Ducks.


1. Arizona State; 2. Oregon; 3. UCLA; 4. Oregon State; 5. Stanford; 6. Utah; 7. USC; 8. Washington; 9. Washington State; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: Not too many games this past weekend, but Arizona State continues to look strong and in the driver's seat in the south. Cameron Rising and Utah's win at USC shows not only how rough a shape the Trojans are in, but that Utah can make noise in any game with an offense full of weapons. Washington State's win could shake things up a bit in the north and I'm curious to see how Oregon State responds.


1. Arizona State; 2. Oregon; 3. Utah; 4. UCLA; 5. Oregon State; 6. Stanford; 7. Washington State; 8. USC; 9. Washington; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: For the first time in a while, the top team in the conference actually played like it, as the Sun Devils went out and beat a Cardinal team that had just upset the Ducks. The all-over-the-place nature of the Pac-12 is still very much present, but Arizona State and Oregon look lIke two real contenders. UCLA-Oregon, even with the Bruins’ recent struggles, still stands to be a great showdown later this month though. This week, Colorado-Arizona may be the most entertaining game, just for the pure chaos and horror of it all.


1. Arizona State; 2. Oregon; 3. Oregon State; 4. Stanford; 5. UCLA; 6. Utah 3-2, 2-0; 7. USC 3-3, 2-3; 8. Washington State; 9. Washington; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: USC suffered another historic loss at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to the Utah Utes on Saturday. As the Arizona State Sun Devils and Oregon Ducks continue to hold spots in the AP Top 25, the Trojans are virtually nowhere to be found. Now, the focus turns to finishing out the 2021 season bowl eligible, as the loss to the Utes pretty much eliminated their chances of ending the season back in the Pac-12 title game.


1. Arizona State; 2. Oregon; 3. Utah; 4. UCLA; 5. Oregon State; 6. Washington; 7. Stanford; 8. Washington State; 9. USC; 10. Cal; 11. Colorado; 12. Arizona

Comment: OK, which one from this former power trio is the Pac-12's most disappointing team: Stanford, USC or Washington? Yes, Trojans, you get my vote for futility. This should never happen to a USC team. Ever. They should fire the coach again. Maybe all of the assistants.