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Arizona State's Spencer Torkelson is Officially a Detroit Tiger

Former Arizona State first baseman, Spencer Torkelson, is officially a Detroit Tiger and making history again with his signing bonus.

It is official. Former ASU first baseman Spencer Torkelson is a Detroit Tiger. According to MLB Pipeline’s, Jim Callis, Torkelson also broke the bonus record. His slot value was $8,415,300 and he signed for $8,416,300 which is a new MLB Draft bonus record. He is also the first player selected first overall to receive more than the slot value in bonus pool era. Callis tweeted out that Torkelson is “perhaps the best all-around offensive talent to come out of the draft in 20 years.”

With MLB finally starting up in a few weeks, it is expected that Torkelson would be considered in the pool of guys to train with the Tigers’ big league club. Each team gets a pool of 60 players to accommodate the Major League team. Some teams are using spots for player development, but regardless of who they bring, this is the pool that the big league teams can pull from. Teams can continually add to the roster, but it can never exceed 60 athletes. Being invited to Summer Camp doesn’t mean that you’re going to make the team. The clincher with all of this is that teams are being very cautious as to who they make part of this pool, because once they cut a guy, he is released. It’s not like normal where they would just go down to the minor league level and play it out. Now, if cut, it is done. They are no longer with the team unless they negotiate to have them back as a free agent.

MLB Opening Day is set for and 24th and teams are frantically trying to get all of their ducks in line before the report date.
Summer Camp is almost in session.