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Does playing Arkansas football games in Little Rock or Arlington in the same year as literally a home team on the road help?

"There's a lot of reasons to ask the question," Sam Pittman said Wednesday afternoon in his last media appearance before Saturday's game with Arkansas-Pine Bluff at War Memorial Stadium.

The Razorbacks will be the home team over 100 miles from Fayetteville for the second time this year.

More importantly, they can't visit with recruits ... again for the second time as a home team this season.

"You go to Dallas like this year and we're the home team and we can give tickets, but you can't talk to anybody," he said. "Same thing when you go to Little Rock and you can't talk to any recruits.

"It's certainly not good for recruiting."

There's a couple of other things, too.

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"You want to have as many people as you possibly can in the stands to help you win," Pittman said. "The other thing is you're on the road. No matter how you look at it, you can have H for home, but you're on the road.

"Having two in the same year is hard, especially when we're supposed to walk right out here. If we could cut that down to one it would be a lot better."

Pittman wants to "embrace Little Rock.

"We're going over there because the people of Little Rock want us to come over there," he said. "We're going to come over there and have a good time. We need to go over there and win."

That's a political answer to the question.

It is about 20 years behind when the Razorbacks SHOULD have stopped all the Little Rock football games stuff.

Of course it's about 40 years behind when Little Rock should have imploded War Memorial Stadium, but that's a topic for a different discussion.