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Musselman Makes Plea to No-Show Fans to Donate Tickets to Students, Children's Charities

Fan base divided on whether Hogs coach has fair request

Arkansas Razorback coach Eric Musselman wrote a public letter Tuesday asking fans who have tickets, but aren't going to the game to please consider giving them to him so he can get them to students who can't get into the game or various children's organizations.

While it seems like a great idea to build up the energy and fill Bud Walton, some fans are concerned for how students will be treated if they venture out of their designated area and choose to be rowdy in front of other fans.

One particular fan was especially aggressive in her support of the initiative.

But not all Hog fans are supportive of the Musselman's request.

A couple fans suggested going a step further by expanding the student section to be more reflective of what's in place at other college campuses.

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Either way, a handful of fans are doubtful the fans holding those seats will give to the cause.

Fans interested in taking part in Musselman's ticket donation program can follow the guidance posted by the Arkansas Men's Basketball tweet below.

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