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Eric Musselman: Players Known Across Country, But Not Combinations

Arkansas trying to figure out which players can play with a blend of more experienced old, new guys heading into season.

Complete Press Conference Above

Eric Musselman started his press conference with a statement that did a complete circle around saying he's trying to find the combinations.

"We have not unknowns as far as individual players," he said. "They are known players in college basketball. We have a lot of unknowns as far as combinations go."

After what he described as a "great summer," the Razorbacks have been dealing with injuries recently.

"The last 10 days we've just a lot of unfortunate small injuries," Musselman said. "This next couple of weeks is gonna set us back a little bit as far as the normal way we've prepared over the last seven years of college.

"We are gonna have to scale back a little of what we do on the stuff we do. Probably through the first two and a half weeks of October."

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Nobody had to try and pry injury details out of him.

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• Trey Wade out 4-6 weeks with a knee tendon issue.

• Au'Diese Toney was dressed out but did not practice during the media viewing portion. He was doing some work on the side due to soreness in his knee.

• KK Robinson was limited participation with some soreness on an old foot issue.

• Jaylin Williams was at practice but did not participate rehabbing back from an ankle injury.

In the limited media viewing near the end of practice the most notable thing was a very different-looking JD Notae.

"JD has transformed his body better than anybody since I've been at Arkansas," Musselman said. "He's done an incredible job. He comes in every night, shoots and lifts weights on his own.

"I don't know if I've ever been around a player that gets 3-4 lifts on his own after he's already done his lifts with his teammates."

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