BC Men's Basketball Releases 2020-21 Schedule

A.J. Black

Boston College men's basketball released their schedule today. The Eagles will begin their season against #3 Villanova in the Empire Classic on November 25th at Mohegan Sun on ESPN. Because of COVID-19 restrictions the game will be without fans. After that they face off with either #2 Baylor or #18 Arizona State. 

BC returns to Mohegan Sun to take on another former Big East foe - St, John's - on Monday, Nov. 30. Tipoff time is set for 9 p.m. and the game will air live on FS1. The Eagles finish up their four-game stand at Mohegan Sun on Dec. 2. The opponent has yet to be announced, but rumors have been that it could be Missouri. 

Update: 11/11. Jon Rothstein reports it will be Missouri, confirming earlier reporting by Jake Klein.

On Friday, Dec. 4, the Eagles will play the first of two non-conference games at Conte Forum when Rhode Island visits Chestnut Hill. BC is also set to host California on Tuesday, Dec. 22 at Conte Forum, a rematch of last year's game. Also on Dec. 8, Boston College travels to Minnesota in a matchup that will be part of the 2020 ACC/Big Ten Challenge.

Here is the complete ACC schedule:

2020-21 ACC Home Dates:
Dec. 12 - Syracuse
Jan. 2 - Louisville
Jan. 9 - Virginia
Jan. 12/13 - Miami
Jan. 23 - Pittsburgh
Feb. 2/3 - Florida State
Feb. 6 - N.C. State
Feb. 9/10 - Wake Forest
Feb. 23/24 - North Carolina
Feb. 27 - Notre Dame

2020-21 ACC Road Dates:
Dec. 29/30 - at N.C. State
Jan. 5/6 - at Duke
Jan. 16 - at Notre Dame
Jan. 19/20 - at Virginia Tech
Jan. 26/27 - at Clemson
Jan. 30 - at Louisville
Feb. 16/17 - at Georgia Tech
Feb. 20 - at Syracuse
March 2/3 - at Florida State
March 5/6 - at Miami

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Comments (19)
No. 1-5

I want to see what the core young guys look like. Seems like most talent since JC couldn't get in tourney with 2 NBA guards.

I cannot believe JC survived last year but he did, and this schedule reads like a coach who thinks he has two more years to right the ship. Beat them up playing talent this year and make the step forward the year after.

What is length of JC contract?


AJ, I figured I’d throw out a suggestion for some content. Since many of us are struggling to get excited for the upcoming hoops season, maybe a list of reasons we SHOULD be excited for the upcoming season? Here’s reason #1: if we improbably win our first two games of the season, we would become the first program in history to start the season with wins over two top 3 teams AND STILL have a fan base where 99% want to get rid of the coach!


I'm trying to figure this schedule out. Having a schedule this tough is unprecedented and doesn't make any sense to me (and I'd generally like to see us play tough opponents). Two theories: 1) Our athletic department is bleeding and this schedule is better financially than playing the usual cupcakes. 2) The AD wants to fire JC and wants the schedule to be as hard as possible so the record doesn't look good. I can poke holes all over both of these theories, but can anyone come up with anything else? This schedule really doesn't make sense to me. The St. John's game seems to have been one of the last games scheduled. Why would you add them to an already brutal OOC? Are we getting a cut of the casino profits for staying a whole week at Mohegan?


The only non-P6 opponent is URI who should be one of the top 3-4 teams in the A-10. I don't see more than two OOC wins. The ACC did do them a solid with only one matchup each against UVA, Duke, and UNC with two of them at home. I see a maximum of 7 wins in conference. 9-17, 7-13. I'll give them a win in the ACC tourney. 10-18 final record with Jim Christian's termination scheduled for March 12. I wish I could be more optimistic, but unfortunately, I don't see it.


I’m not nearly into basketball as I am football, but normally I can at least muster up some excitement. But I know there are a lot of transfers and exciting players for BC, but I’m just finding it difficult to be interested since it feels so much like a lame duck year for Christian. I’ll still watch and follow, and hopefully I’m proven wrong.