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BC and the New England Prep School Connection

BC Eagles men's basketball is working to keep elite talent home

The three hundred and fifty-one Division One men’s college basketball programs in the United States each offer thirteen scholarships each year. It’s a highly competitive market with high school, junior college and prep school players competing for those scholarships. A total of over 1,100 scholarships are awarded each year with prep schools awarded 30% of those scholarships. Boston College intends to recruit more than its fair share of prep and international talent year over year and is off to a strong start.

Boston College currently has five players with a past that includes prep school on the roster in Vander Baan, Demarr Langford, Makai Ashton Langford, Gianni Thompson, and Abe Atiyeh. A truly positive transformation is how the current coaches connect with Mass Rivals. Four players in the past two years on the BC roster played in that elite program that has send over 50 players to Division 1 programs.

The higher caliber competition and opportunity to gain a D1 scholarship draws many players to prep schools. Massachusetts has the most prep boarding schools of any state in the country as the vast majority around the country are day schools. Boarding schools bring in players from across the country who stay for a year or two to prepare academically and physically for the rigors of college. What sets a prep school player apart from public high school players include court awareness, defensive skills, rebounding tenacity and height. Just to make a prep school roster requires considerable skill that stands out to coaches. Here is a side-by-side comparison gathered from various sources to compare average high school versus prep school player height overall and by position.


Basketball Average Height Avg. Height

Position High School (inches) Prep School (inches)

Point Guard 70 73.1”

Shooting Guard 71” 75.9”

Scoring Forward 75” 78.15”

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Power Forward 76.25” 79.75”

Center 78” 82”

Average Overall Ht. 68” 75.25”

A consolidated look at last year’s NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball teams shows an average height of 6’ 7 inches. This makes the jump from prep school to college much more familiar to prep school players compared to those attending public high schools.

Recruiting is never an exact discipline and prep school recruiting offers the players the opportunity to test themselves against opponents that reasonably compare to what they might see as a Division 1 recruit. BC coaches Anthony Goins and Chris Markwood share extensive New England and prep school experience to help the Eagles recruit more than their fair share from the regional hot bed of talent.

Recruiting success with all players is influence by facilities. Boston College has not yet turned a shovel of soil for a new basketball practice facility but recruiting prowess and a presentation of future facility upgrades has already turned heads as the Eagles to bring in two 2022 recruits of 4-star caliber and two strong 3-stars. There is no doubt that the Eagles will not stop their efforts at the US border. Three of the coaching staff boast extensive international experience in Director of Basketball Operations Luke Simons and assistant coach Jim Molinari.

International players now make up about 15% of NCAA I men’s basketball rosters, but account for a disproportionately higher percentage of players 6’9 and above, and nearly half of all players 7′ or above. On the reverse side, NCAA I athletes from overseas account for a disproportionately smaller percentage of players 6’6 and shorter.

Boston College plays to that advantage with two seven footers with international roots in Post and Karnik, two mainstays in this year’s front court. Certainly more will follow and the city of Boston is a positive destination to draw more players.

Around the State: High caliber prep basketball were on display at Grant Auditorium on the campus of Springfield College January 13-17, at the 2022 Spalding Hoophall Classic, now in its 20th year. This year’s top matchups include Montverde Academy (FL) vs. DeMatha Catholic High School (MD) and IMG Academy (FL), Prolific Prep (CA) vs. Link Year Prep (MO) and Sunrise Christian School (KS) vs. Wasatch Academy (UT).